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How can you be damaging your skin and hair in the shower

Updated on May 28, 2015

Taking Too Long to Shower

Spending time under water too long (especially if it is hot, as it removes the natural oils from our skin) may dry skin and hair. In fact, dermatologists recommend limiting our showers about 10 minutes to avoid these effects. In addition, long exposure to hot water can also cause dilation of blood vessels and, therefore, appear red spots on your skin, similar to those that arise when you play sports. On the other hand, can cause increased sensitivity of your skin, causing severe particular problems.

Using Too Strong Products

Dermatologists always recommend gentle products and, above all, no added fragrances. These scented substances may contain chemicals that affect sensitive skin, irritándolas. Also avoid extremely strong scrubs, which can worsen other existing problems, and remember to use moisturizer every day to counteract the dryness that cause ordinary soaps.

Taking Shower Too Long


Wash your hair every day

If your hair is fine, it is not harmful to wash every day, but if it is thicker and above all, if you have a tendency to curl, you will cause to wash every day will be more dryness and frizz.

In addition, the shampoo and warm water daily can cause a loss of color as the heat causes the hair cuticle is opened, causing the color molecules from escaping. The best option is to wash your hair with cold water to enhance its shine and get a longer lasting color.

Protect Your Hair

Taking a Shower With Water that Contains Too Many Minerals

Surely you've also noticed a change in your hair or your skin when you're traveling, for example. The reason is clear: a water change. And the water with a higher percentage of minerals can irritate your skin and leave residues on your hair. If you regularly have to wash your hair with this type of water (which can be characterized by a slight smell of sulfur), get a special treatment to remove minerals and chlorine hair.

Dry Your Hair With the Towel

With this gesture you can irritate the skin, so dermatologists recommend spending the towel very gently and then apply moisturizer all over the body. In addition, you should not roll you hair with the towel (turban mode) or rub too hard with it, as you can cause it to fall or break (remember that your hair is weaker when wet). Always dry your hair with soft touches.


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