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How effective is an Antibacterial Body Wash?

Updated on March 10, 2015


There was a time when kids rolled around in dirt, put random stuff in their mouth but still grew up healthy barring a few tummy aches and sniffles. Today however, with changing times and various diseases around, we believe that bacteria are responsible for all kinds of illnesses and that a regular soap and water wash will not suffice. Although it is a fact that some bacteria is beneficial to the body and aids in various bodily functions including digestion, there are also the ones which cause various infections and rashes on our body.

The overwhelming fear of bacteria may not be sensible; however, considering the various bacterial infections spreading around, you might want to add an antibacterial body wash to your routine. Certain antibacterial body washes are specially designed to remove pathogens from the skin’s surface, which might lead to diseases. These products contain active ingredients which are mild on the skin while eliminating the harmful bacteria. Nowadays, it is quite normal to find consumers using antibacterial soaps and body washes in their homes, schools, offices and other public places. The products have a range to suit various problems and skin types.

In some cases, the use of an antibacterial body wash becomes essential to prevent a bacterial infection caused by dry, itchy skin or skin rashes. The ingredients in these body washes moisturizes the skin and protects it from bacterial infection as well. An antibacterial body wash has become the latest solution to hygiene problems.

Antibacterial Body Wash

Uses of Antibacterial Body Wash

An antibacterial body wash has various uses like:

1. Fighting Acne

Using a specially formulated antibacterial body wash will help in preventing acne. Those with acne prone skin which leads to breakouts on chest, arm and back areas will definitely benefit from including a antibacterial body wash in their cleaning routine. The body wash keeps the pores clean and free from the acne causing bacteria.

2. Facial cleanser

An antibacterial body wash can also be used as a facial cleanser. It will keep the skin free of bacteria. In case you have highly sensitive skin, use caution while using it on the face. But washing your face with an antibacterial body wash from time to time will get rid of the pore clogging bacteria.

3. Shaving

While shaving you legs and arms, use antibacterial body wash instead of regular soap for a better and richer lather. It will make shaving easier and also kill any bacteria present on the razors. This will prevent the bacteria from entering the shaved pores and hair follicles.

4. Removing odor

This is one of the most important use of an antibacterial body wash. It effectively removes bacteria which cause unwanted smell. Certain areas like the skin between the toes or the belly button need to be washed thoroughly with the body wash to stave off the bacteria which is usually the source of odor.

Using Antibacterial Body Wash

Use a loofah to apply the body wash since it will use only a few drops of the wash and still be enough to wash your whole body. Apply it on groin area, the armpits and massage it gently over the dry skins for a few minutes. Using lukewarm water to wash off the skin is always better while using the antibacterial wash. These products help in removing dark spot and dead skins and also soften the skin. Certain brands of antibacterial wash have different products for men and women. This is because apart from the difference in their skin, the needs are also different.

In case of women, certain body parts like the neck, armpits and groin are more prone to infections caused by bacteria. The products specifically designed for women have ingredients like fruit extracts and natural oils which nourishes and replenishes the skin after killing the germs. On the other hand, men need products for hygiene and skin care which have anti perspirants, since they sweat more. Though a little harsh on the skin, they help in controlling sweat and odor in men. Men might need to moisturize their skin more after their bath.


Although our regular soap and hot water might usually do the trick and keep us clean and healthy, there are times when we do need that extra bit of help for certain conditions related to skin and hygiene care. For an itchy patch of skin or smelly armpits, we will need to use an effective yet mild antibacterial body wash which will helps us get rid of certain problem causing bacteria from our skin surface. If we use the wash in smaller quantities and wash it off properly with lukewarm water we will be able to get rid of our problems without any side effects.

However, in case you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, do consult a physician before using any antibacterial product.


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