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How to make manicure at home?

Updated on September 24, 2015

3. Before proceeding with any manicure you have to clean everything. Moisten a cotton piece of nail polish remover and thoroughly clean the nails.

4. Cuticle oil

Brush nail cuticle oil and gently massage. Wait a few minutes to soften cuticles. If you do not have a special cuticle oil, olive oil suit or any other food oils.

5. Rubbing nail files

7. Wash your hands

Clean all dirt nail edges, because you do not want that they are visible.

Nail polish long fail to comply if the nail will be something a little nail oil, so once again clean the nails nail polish remover.

8. Apply polish base

On the edge of the bottle clean lacquer base excess, then 2 or 3 strokes Apply a nail.
Lacquer base needed in order to be on top of things lubricating varnish and it is firmly in place. It also protects nails that hyperpigmentation spray leave on their spots.

9. Apply a colored lacquer.

Now is the time to apply a colored lacquer. Once again, wipe excess paint on the side of the bottle. If you need to apply several times to get the desired color.
Wait until the first coat to dry and then apply the second.

10. Apply lacquer protection

Is a clear nail polish enhancer, which helps to keep the nail polish color and is much stronger than the other layers, so it protects the nails.

11. Allow to dry

This layer takes time to dry, so if you want to have a nice manicure, let the varnish to dry for at least 5 mins. and then check whether it is already dry.

To check whether the varnish has dried, gently touch it with the tip of the tongue. If you feel the taste of lacquer, then it dries.

That from your clothes to your fingernail seizing dust or lint when the nail polish has almost dried up, lubricate them with a little cuticle oil.

12. If you accidentally defective manicure

If you make a mistake, for example. defiled the top layer, you will have everything clean and start again. However, if the nail polish spilled on the skin near the nail, all you need is a spatula wound up a little wool, moisten it with a little polish remover and gently wipe the excess of lacquer.


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