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How not to get caught in the rain without rain gear

Updated on March 8, 2011

Ughh, rain. It has been such a rainy Sunday. Sometimes it rains for days, and other times it hasn't rained in such a while that you almost forget what rain feels like. But then it comes and the rain reminds you. That's how it is right now. It reminded me all over again. But it made me think how undoubtedly, I get caught unprepared all the time. You know how some people always have a small umbrella in their back pocket. Well, not their back pocket but somewhere on them. Then there are even those that have that spare plastic shopping bag tucked away just in case. Me, I usually end up getting drenched, no matter what. I guess I never learn my lesson. But....

It did however, make me think of handy rain gear and trying to get prepared for next time. So here are some rain gear items that hopefully will not catch you off guard. Hmm, I think I may just learn my lesson, err, for next time that is.

1. Obviously you need the umbrella, be it a tiny portable extending one, or those humongous ones that wrap around your head and makes its own little orbit.

2. A rain hat.

3. Next you need some rain boots or galoshes.

4. How about a nice rain poncho or better yet, a small packaged emergency poncho? I don't know about you, but some ponchos make people look like the Grim Reaper.

5. Or maybe a nice yellow slicker or raincoat?

6. How about a rain bib? What is that? I didn't know either, but see below. I guess it must come in handy for somebody.

7. How about a matching rain suit? Some are oh so stylish. Cause you gotta be all slick and cool while rain drizzles on your face. Or if you ride a motorcycle and you must go out, a motorcycle rain suit would be in order. Just image Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. That's what I'm picturing when speed and wind go through you.

8. A trusty trench coat.

9. Rain gloves.

10. Rain overalls.

11. Waterproof backpack to put all your storm gear in (good luck).

I think this should cover all your rain gear bases. Unless I missed something? So don't get caught in the rain, ok? Be prepared!

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Prosport Backpack 30 L Black
Prosport Backpack 30 L Black

Waterproof backpack to put all your rain gear in (good luck)



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