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How Streetwear Has Evolved in India

Updated on June 24, 2019
Ameya Koltharkar profile image

Amay is an experienced Digital Marketer and a novice in Blogging and Freelancing.


There is not just one era that inspires today’s styles and fashion. And it's not just one style that has changed the look of urban fashion today. Nowadays it is all about comfortable urban wear that is ready to be worn anywhere and everywhere. From actresses fashioning streetwear style clothing at big parties to youngsters searching for best street brands for shopping. It is phenomenal how fashion is continuously evolving but also sticking to its roots, for example how urban fashion is now all about streetwear fashion which is now also mentioned as Athleisure. An old trend in fashion with just an alternate name. Streetwear, urban wear or athleisure - call it whatever you desire but remember that this trend is here to stay. Athleisure is the latest fashion trend where clothes are designed for various athletic activities but can be worn in different settings as well such as your workplace, at school or at other social and casual events. In short, gym wear is decidedly making a way out of the exercising background and entering peoples’ everyday wardrobe.

Streetwear today is considered as a fashion industry, enabled by improved textile material and a sole witness, as well as a supporter for this movement, would be, Strey - An urban streetwear brand that is comfortably bold. Established in 2017, Strey is a fantastic streetwear fashion label based in Mumbai but known globally. Strey’s designs are inspired by the city and the minute details that usually go unnoticed. This fashion label’s perspective is to go against the “going against cultural norms”. Strey’s street fashion is mostly about rebelling against the rebellious. In ways, this urban fashion is aiming to get our culture back by creating heavy embroidery and complex graphics. These bold designs are what give this streetwear a rebellious edge and a unique vibe. Another must-know about Strey is that their passion lies not just in counter-culture fashion but also for animals. This street brand will be collaborating with numerous animal welfare charity organizations across Mumbai. A percentage of Strey’s profits will be used to aid homeless animals to fulfill their goal of ensuring that all stray animals are safe and healthy.

While streetwear is new-fangled in its nature, it is certainly a widespread motion. Urban wear/streetwear/athleisure labels are currently dominating every conversation amongst fashion millennials. Some brands such as Supreme, Vetements, off-white and Champion may have limited availability locally but it is safe to say that customers are ready to go that extra mile for some logomania. Amid the hype and trendings, a traditional consumer may feel weary and the price tags of some of these brands are no friend to market expansions. This is where a local streetwear label like Strey gained recognition. Founded by Aasshna Aroraa and Eashan Parekh, in a bid to create a local voice Strey offers products that are handcrafted and won't loosen your purse strings. “Streetwear as a genre gives you complete freedom to experiment with graphics and designs, and its expressive nature is all-consuming. Strey’s ideal thrives on the concept of counter culture, is inspired by real-life events and current affairs. They aim to appeal to a subculture that breaks away from mainstream society,” explains Parekh.

Through an array of tracksuits and drop-crotch fits in shades of rose and sage, the label appeals not only to both sexes but also offers utility, their ‘Smog’ T-shirts come with an attached face mask for protection against pollution. Aurora also points out the need for a mental gear shift in the market, “While hype beasts are always on the lookout for pieces that are ‘limited edition’ or ‘super expensive’, we think streetwear needs to be purchased on the basis of being relatable, and a true enthusiast is probably one that scours through local shops and invests in items that really resonate with them.”

The new slew of streetwear aims to steer away from the ostentatious and brag-worthy character it has abroad and aspires to inculcate a keenness for designs that are more thoughtful, cerebral and value-based. And it’s just getting started.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Amay Koltharkar


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