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How to Apply Lady Gaga-Style Makeup

Updated on June 17, 2014
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga | Source

Lady Gaga Inspired Looks

Lady Gaga is not only bold when it comes to her music, but she also has a very loud and glamorous look that commands attention. She sports artistic makeup styles on the daily. If you are looking for fun; unique makeup styles Lady Gaga's inspired makeup is definitely one to try. Long lashes and lightening bolts are only the beginning to this lovely look.

Poker face makeup
Poker face makeup | Source
Pink lightening bolt
Pink lightening bolt | Source

Eye makeup

Lady Gaga is known for her super long lashes and her bright bold eyes. You can take this look in a casual direction or a more bold direction.

Casual eyes Gaga style

You will need

Fake eye lashes

Black eye shadow

Three shades of shimmery silver a dark light and medium


Eyelash curler

  • First apply the black eye shadow to the top lid. Draw a thick black line above your lash line.
  • Then apply the eye liner to your water line.
  • Apply the darkest shadow to the crease of your eyelid.
  • Apply the medium shadow underneath the crease.
  • Highlight the top of your lid with the lightest color.
  • Then underneath the crease highlight just a little in the center area.
  • Apply the fake lashes.
  • Apply heavy mascara.
  • Curl the lashes
  • Go over the top line you drew earlier again

That is all it takes to do the casual lady gaga eyes. It is basically a smokey eye look with really long lashes and it looks great.

Bold eyes Gaga style ( this is one with the lightening bolt)

You will need

Black eyeliner

Fake lashes

Hot pink eyeshadow


Eye lash curler

Glitter or shimmer of some kind

  • First Draw a thin line with your eye liner on your upper lash line
  • Then with your eyeliner go over your water line on the bottom part of your eye.
  • Heavily apply the pink eye shadow from the area you drew the line to just above your crease.
  • Apply more pink shadow to your under eye to the whole pink area should take on an almond shape.
  • Next trace your lightening bolt shape.
  • Then you fill in the lightening bolt with the liner.
  • Add a little sparkle to your bolt.
  • Apply your fake lashes.
  • Go over your top line with eyeliner again

This is a super fun Gaga look. You can experiment and try different colors and shapes. Gaga is always wearing her lightening bolt in fun new ways.

Lady Gaga with pink lipstick
Lady Gaga with pink lipstick | Source
Lady Gaga with red lipsick
Lady Gaga with red lipsick | Source


Lady Gaga always has luscious lips and you can too. I have listed instructions for casual Gaga style and a bold Gaga style.

Casual style

You will need

Lip liner

A pale pink or nude color lipstick

Clear or shimmer gloss

  • The first step is to line your lips with the lip liner.
  • Next you will want to fill in your lips with your lipstick.
  • Go over your lips lightly with the gloss or shimmer.

This lip style is beautiful and Gaga but casual enough for day wear.

Bold lips Gaga style

What you will need

Bright red lipstick

Lip liner a couple shades darker than your lipstick

  • First line lips with the liner
  • Next apply the lipstick

This style is really simple and really stands out. The only down side is that with bright colors it is difficult to correct mistakes so go slowly. You can dress this up by drawing on a little monroe for a fun.

For the pink lightening bolt look

Great video for Poker face style makeup

Extra flare

Lady Gaga is all about trying bold new looks. She has sported many different styles like lightening bolts and lace. Here are a few pics for inspiration.My personal favorite is the anime eyes. She also as lots of accessories to pair with her different looks. Sparkles, bangles the more eyecatching the better.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga | Source
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga | Source

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