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How to Be Fabulous at 50

Updated on August 22, 2017
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She's a children's author who loves fashion trends from the wellness industry. She enjoys sharing fabulous style tips with you!

Don’t worry; being fit and fabulous at fifty shouldn't be too much of a big deal, if you have the right attitude! Remember, your age doesn't define you, only your outlook on life does. At fifty, there are certain things; perhaps, you'll not ever attempt to wear, like a bikini, for instance, because you prefer to show off your figure in a one piece bathing suit.

You should celebrate your conservatism, because every age has a look. In today’s world, it’s a great time to look gorgeous at every age. Every age has its trends. The way you feel about yourself, your self-esteem and outlook on life are paramount. For sure, you must celebrate your accomplishments and make sure they define who you are.

When you take good care of yourself, like eating right and working out, you will automatically feel more attractive. You will radiate from the inside out and your skin will reflect your healthy eating habits.

Wear Chic Vintage Clothes

Fifty, is one of the best times to comb through the department store racks looking for garments that accentuate the new you at the dawn of half a century. Classy vintage clothes are a must, and so are genuine top-notch shoes in several colors that match your outfits.

You may choose to retain your natural hair color, instead of dyeing it. Whatsoever the case is, you should decidedly have a hairstyle that becomes you.

Instead of settling for the common teenage trends, you can define a style that's your own. Your jewelry can play a beautiful role in defining your character as well. Some days you can wear classic gold or silver jewelry to customize your look. Other days you can wear remarkable clothes you love and dazzle your friends with your personal magnetism.

It’s a cracking time to reach fifty and older. The way you care for yourself says a great deal about how well you come across besides the beautiful vintage clothes that suit you.

Fifty is the time to look your best!
Fifty is the time to look your best! | Source

How to Wear a Wig to Accentuate Your Face

Wearing a wig is a science all in itself and not just any type of wig will do. You need to consider the hues of your complexion and original hair color. The hair color of your wig should match your skin tone.

If you're really fair skinned with light colored hair, you wouldn’t want to wear a jet-black wig that will make you look ill and dreadfully harsh. A lighter colored wig with flaxen or reddish-brown highlights will be more attractive and natural looking. The reverse goes for if you are a brunette, or black-haired person, a platinum blond or red-colored wig will also make you look unnatural and under par.

Match your clothes and embrace the person you have become.
Match your clothes and embrace the person you have become. | Source

The Hottest Wigs

It's best to stick with the original color of your hair, which is a shade or two lighter or darker when choosing a wig. The more upscale wigs are made of real human hair, and the lesser class of wigs is made of synthetic hair.

Both styles of wigs have their merits; however, an authentic wig will last longer, and look better. You will also by far be able to add highlights and heat to create amazing hairstyles with a genuine haired wig. It basically depends on how much you want to spend to look stunning.

Wigs come in all sorts of styles, and you can try some on, to decide on a new hair cut or wear one if you are too tired to style your hair for an outing or dinner date.

Wigs are tricky to fasten; hence you must know how to put it on correctly, so it doesn’t move around in your head. The best way to fasten a wig is to wrap your hair around your head even if it's short, and then place a tight-fitting hair net around your head. Next, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­curve your wig on your head and pull around the ears to make it snug. If you wear glasses, place the arms of your glasses over a bit of hair so your hair line remains hidden.

Feeling comfortable in your clothes at fifty is important.
Feeling comfortable in your clothes at fifty is important. | Source

Your Bra Can Perform Wonders

How do you wear your bra? Does it feel too tight or lose? Or, do you prefer not to wear a bra, because you feel more relaxed without one?

Careful consideration should be placed when wearing your bras, because your breasts are not only instruments of sex appeal, they perform a most important function in your body. Your breasts are composed of lymph nodes that help to drain toxins from your body. When a bra is too tight, this job is restricted and toxins are returned into your bloodstream. Over time, this may cause unnecessary tumors and may lead to breast cancer. This is why a bra is the most important piece of clothing you could wear overtime.

You want your bra to make you look attractive and by the same token, not restrict your blood flow. Honestly, a loose-fitting bra is so unattractive that many women prefer to stay home, instead of gracing the public with bad form. It’s a good idea to allow your breasts to free flow and not wear a bra when at home. Remember, a sports bra is an asset when you exercise, since your breasts need a bit of protection during this time of bouncing and jumping.

Underwire Bras Restrict Blood Flow

Now, of course, I know you want to project the image of firm roundabouts that make your outfits look fabulous. It’s important for your image; therefore, you must make sure your bras fit properly and by the same token allow your breasts to breath. No one in their right mind will ever compromise their health for a fleeting self-image.

The best bras are the ones that do not contain any under-wires. Now, these bras are hard to find, since practically every store only sells wired bras. Under wire, bras will restrict your blood flow, and should not be worn regularly.

The best choice is to wear a cotton bra that is lined with a bit of padding to protect your breasts. Intimate Health by Christina makes a spectacular organic bra that protects your breasts from damage and is highly recommended for healthy breast types.

Remember, your breasts change size over time, and go through the ups and downs of weight gain; lose tone and gain bulk in a muscle buildup. It’s important to own bras of varying sizes to accommodate your bodily changes. This protects your breasts, and you should always avoid wearing a tight-fitting bra.

The most important thing on your mind is your form. If you keep up with yourself-image by exercising, eating right, and wear attractive clothes, you'll always be your best. And it's never a good idea to compromise your health for a fleeting image of perfect form.

© 2016 Sheila Craan


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