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How to Become an Attractive Man

Updated on March 4, 2013

We all like to speak to or interact with people who look attractive physically. Against the odds of beauty being skin deep, there are not many occasions you would like to be seeing someone who is unattractive, unkempt or out of fashion. Choosing proper men’s clothing can really make them attractive. Clothes should make men look positive, rational, intelligent, confident, mentally healthy, and physically fit

Men’s Fashion Tips on How to Become Attractive:

First impressions are undoubtedly the best impressions. That is what will make people come back to you. Be it on your first date or at the interview, you need to be dressed immaculately to look attractive. Not just fashionable clothes, it is the entire outlook that matters.

The first and the most commonly repeated tip for men’s clothing would be, never to wear stained or rumpled clothing. Nothing could make men more unbecoming. Cleanly washed (free of any smell and stains) and ironed clothes are mandatory to become an attractive man.

Wear clothing, shoes and accessories that accentuate your best features. Never wear colors, designs and style just because they look good on your favorite hero or your vest friend. Look at yourself critically and choose colors that make you look bright and cheerful.

Keep your hair and nails trimmed and clean. Physical hygiene speaks volumes about your personality. Unless you are sporting a full or French beard, keep your face clean shaven and your moustache trimmed up to the upper lip edge. .

Men should take extra efforts to smell good as they tend to sweat more than women. Wash as frequently as you need to keep smelling fresh. Use deodorants and colognes appropriately

Wear clothes appropriate to the occasion. While a T-shirt and casual trousers will make you look unprofessional at a board meeting, a full fledged suit and tie with buttoned formal shirt and pants will make you look “stiff” on your date.

Do not overdo with hairstyling products. For the special occasions stick to your tried and tested hair style instead of going in for new styles that make you feel uncomfortable.

Minimal accessories should make men look attractive. Wearing too much of shiny (particularly gold colored) jewelry can make men look weird. Stainless steel or sterling silver bracelets and chains should be fine with both suits as well as casual wear.

Shoes should be polished and shiny. Even casual wear sandals should be clean. Chipped, broken, torn should simply be thrown away. Women tend to notice footwear first as they link it to man’s sense of detailing

Always wear a smile that reaches your eye and shows up your sparkling teeth. Therefore it is important to maintain good oral hygiene apart from physical hygiene and good health.

Have excess hair on your body removed or trimmed, this includes back hair, hair in the armpits and pubic hair. Women would like to see their men as good on the inside as on the outside.

Apart from fashion and clothing, men should take efforts to have good health by exercising, learn good manners and decent humor and the ability to talk well to be considered attractive.


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      7 years ago

      It make u wonder It Idea should I put it to da test ill tell u what happen but intelligence precivi me hit me with more tip 4434671169


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