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How to Bleaching and Lighten Face and Body Hair

Updated on June 8, 2013
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I am an African Woman and almost always have my hair in weaves and braids. I am an enthusiast and write about it.

There are many reasons some of us have for the bleaching and lighten of face and body hair. Lightening the facial hair makes it less visible and is a cost effective alternative to laser hair removal.

What to Use to Bleach or Lighten the Hair on your Face or Body

There are a lot of home bleaching kits available which are of course safe to use at home. I have included a step by step guide on their use below but be sure to read the manufacturers instructions. If you have never bleached your body hair before and you are not really comfortable with the idea, you can go to a salon for the initial session.

In addition ALWAYS do a patch test, even if it a product you have used before. Some reactions are delayed and only become evident on repeated use.

Lighten Body Hair

If you are a bleached blonde and want to come out in public dressed like this, but do not want to shave, an alternative is to bleach your facial and body hair.
If you are a bleached blonde and want to come out in public dressed like this, but do not want to shave, an alternative is to bleach your facial and body hair. | Source

Step One - Choice of Hair Bleaching Kit

There are a very great number of these kits available at your local pharmacy or online at stores like Amazon. There are pretty similar and most cost between $5 - $10.

The most popular brands are Surgi and Sally Hensen, as they have been marketed for years. Each brand may come in various strengths. Your choice will depend on how light you want to go.

If you are an African American who has dyed her dark locks platinum blond, you will need a strong kit to make your facial hair blend in.

Lighten Facial Hair - Progress of Bleaching Eyebrows
Lighten Facial Hair - Progress of Bleaching Eyebrows | Source

Step Two - The Bleaching Process

Follow the instructions on the pack carefully. The entire process from mixing to application to removal should not take more than an hour.

The kits usually contain powder and a liquid. Mix them together in the order specified in the instruction, according to the number of hairs or size of the area you want to bleach.

Apply the bleaching solution with the utensil provided. Never rub it in.

Always do a patch test and never leave on the solution for more than 8 minutes. The first time you bleach your face or body hair, leave it on for only three minutes.

As an additional guide, as a first timer, if your skin starts tingling uncomfortably, wash off the solution

Step Three - Bleach Removal

The third step in the process towards bleaching and lighten face and body hair is removing the bleach. Always strictly follow the instructions on the package. If there is an after lotion, use it also.

After removing the creme, moisturize your face as the bleach tends to dry out the skin.

Word of Caution - Don't bleach the body hair too often. If you missed some hairs, give your face a rest of at least two days before you try again.

I would like my hair

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Advantages of Lightening Face and Body Hair

Thick coarse facial and body hair is undesirable.

When the hair is dark, it stands out even more against fair skin. If you have lightened the hair on your head then you need to do the same to your face hair to prevent any funny discrepancies.

Bleaching your hair is an alternative to laser hair removal, contant tweezing, waxing or shaving.

Bleaching Body Hair

How do you Bleach Facial Hair

Bleaching facial hair makes it blend with the skin and appear to disappear. The skin appears smoother because the roughness of the hairs are reduced.

Never use a kit designed for use on the scalp to bleach your body hair. The kits designed for facial hair are much gentler and less prone to giving allergies. The effect lasts from two to six weeks only, and must be reapplied.

Natural Products to Lighten Face and Body Hair

Old wivess tales indicate that you can lighten your body hair using good old lemon juice. This effect it is claimed can also be achieved by using hydrogen peroxide.

Be cautious if you decide to use hydrogen peroxide since it can give severe burns. Whatever you do, moisturize your skin afterwards.

Tips to lighten your mane naturally

  • Good old sunlight. UV rays naturally lighten hair. To avoid over tanning or sunburn, cover your body with a large towel or sheet and spread your hair out.
  • To get the best of the UV effect, take a swim first. Wet, chlorine filled hair lightens easiest.
  • Tannins in tea. This requires caution as it lightens some hair but parodixically darkes a blonde mane. Just cover with cold tea and sit out in the sun

Whatever you do, be safe. Never use a product until after a proper skin or patch test. Also maintain the interval between applications suggested by the manufacturer.


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