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How to: Brightly Colored Ombre Hair in Three Easy Steps

Updated on October 29, 2012

A new hair style has come in to play these days and it is called Ombre. Many celebrities have displayed it, such as Drew Barrymore, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Biel, just to name a few. These women simply have darker hair near their roots and lighter, blondish hair at the ends.

I, myself, have taken a more outgoing route when it comes to this hair style, I've added bright colors to the ends of my hair. In this article, I would like to show you how I dyed my hair with 3 easy steps.

Let me preface the rest of the article by stating that I am not a professional and everyone should be sure to read the instructions on whatever products they may use.

What You'll Need

I used Beyond the Zone On/Off Scalp Radical Bleach Kit to bleach my hair then Manic Panic hair dyes to add the color to my hair.

You may also need aluminum foil, and latex gloves. The Beyond the Zone kit does come with a pair of gloves, but if your anything like me, you'll want to change your gloves often so as not to get any bleach or dye in unwanted areas.

1. Bleaching Your Hair

Make sure you're in an area where if you accidentally spill any bleach it won't harm any carpet or other type of floor. I put down trash bags because the only place I had a mirror was over a carpeted area.

Follow the instructions in the kit, and if you've tested a strand of hair and it turned out all right you're ready to begin.

Brush your hair and part it down the middle (or if you always part your hair in one spot you may keep that part). Pick out how high you want your colored hair to be. Section off a small piece of hair and, with gloves on, use the brush from the kit to apply the bleach as high as you want to go. Once you're done saturating that piece of hair you'll want to take a piece of the aluminum foil and wrap it around the piece of hair. This can be a bit difficult because both the hair and your fingers will be slippery, just do the best you can to get all the bleached hair covered. Repeat this step all the way around your head, you might look like you're trying to fend off aliens by the time you're done.

For the layers of hair that are closer to you're neck you may want to bleach all the way up to the root. I found that it looked a little strange if I left those layers bleached just a few inches up so I went all the way up the hair. If you do choose to do this, be sure to leave at least a quarter of an inch of undyed hair at the root. The bleach can burn your scalp and badly damage your hair if you dye the root.

The instructions tell you how long you should let the bleach sit in order to get the right level of bleaching. I have light brown hair, so I waited the first thirty minutes then kept checking every ten minutes or so.

At this point you may find that you might have missed some spots. You can add whatever bleach you have left over or wait till another day, but the bleach loses its potency fairly quickly so if you do wait you will probably have to buy more bleach.

2. Rinsing and Conditioning

Once you are done bleaching, it is time to rinse out the bleach. You can use shampoo, of course, to be sure to get all the bleach out. I also suggest using a repairing conditioner. I used One 'n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner, and it works wonders!

Now it is up to you whether you want to give your hair a break for a day or go ahead and head on to the next step. If you want to move it right a long you'll have to blow dry your hair so that it will be dry when you add the colorful dye.

3. Adding Bright Colors!

What's your favorite color? What color have you always wanted in your hair but you were never brave enough to do it? The great thing about this hair style is you can use as many colors as you want or you can use just one! I chose to put two colors in my hair.

First, pick your color. Then, just like with the bleach, brush your hair and separate a small section. Using gloves and the brush (be sure to clean it well) add your hair color to your section of hair. Be sure it saturates the section of hair completely, I combed thru my hair to make sure it got all the way thru. Its up to you whether you want to cover it in foil, if you don't there's definitely a better chance that the dye will get on your clothes and on your skin but it does wash off easily with shampoo and some scrubbing. Repeat this until all your bleached hair is covered with the new color!

Note: You don't have to worry too much about getting the dye on hair that is not bleached, it rinses off unbleached hair immediately.

After that, the instructions say to leave on for thirty minutes. I usually leave it on for a little longer, I've found that if I do that the color lasts longer and is brighter.

After the first color is done and you've washed, conditioned, and dried your hair, you're ready to add the second color. I just added a darker blue a couple inches up from the ends of my hair. The steps for this are the same as before, brush your hair, section of piece by piece and repeat until all your hair (or all the hair that you want this color) is dyed.

And You're Done!

Now you have a crazy cool hair style that will stand out and look good no matter what!

This is my finished product.

Have fun, be brave, and like your new hair, be BOLD!


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    • easylearningweb profile image

      Amelia Griggs 5 years ago

      Interesting hub...I have been seeing some movie stars with different colored hair, and this explains how it's done.

      Welcome to Hubpages and good luck with your writing.


      Team Welcome Wagon