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How to Buy Designer Purses for Less

Updated on December 6, 2011


With the way the economy is going right now, we are all having to cut back. However, as a woman it is hard to cut back on items that we deem necessary such as a designer purse. Designer purses can be expensive, but they are very well made and will last for years with the proper care. I know they cost a lot of money but there are several ways to buy the purse you want without having to pay full manufacturer price. I am going to share some of my experiences on how to buy a designer purse for less.

Tip 1

Many of the designer purse stores such as Coach, Dooney and Burke, Michael Kors and Burberry, have factory outlet stores at outlet malls. You can actually find purses from 25% to 50% off. During the holiday seasons such as the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving, expect to pay up to 75% off. You may walk away with more than one purse!

Tip 2

eBay and Overstock carry designer purses as well. You just need an account. With eBay, you can bid on a sligtly used bag or a brand new one. With Overstock, they are brand new and are up to 40% off.

Tip 3

Stores such as Macys and Dillards have a "bring your old purse" days about twice a year. This is where you bring in your old purse, no matter the brand, and you will recieve 25% to 40% off a new purse including brands like Dooney and Burke. Call your local Macys and Dillards to find out the dates and exactly which purses are eligible.

Tip 4

Stores such as TJMaxx and Marshalls carry Coach, Dooney, Michael Kors and Juicy Couture for about 50%. Plus if you do not have the money right then just put it on lay-a-way if the store in your area offers it.

Tip 5

Believe it or not food clubs such as BJ's Wholesale club carries Coach and Prada. They are usually located in a locked display case in the jewerly department. These are about 25% off but it is not a big selection.

Tip 6

QVC carries Dooney and Burke for about 25% off. They also offer specials during the holidays where you can pay for the purse in three installments.

Step 7

Another way to buy a designer purse for less is through However, you are renting designer bags through there program and not buying. The great thing about this is that you can carry a different designer bag every month.

Tip 8

I just recently stumbled upon another website that offers designer purses for less called Unlike you can actually purchase these purses. They sell purses such Gucci and Prada for very low prices as well as on sale.

Extra Suggestions

  • You can trade out purses with your girlfriends for vacations or nights out on the town.
  • Try the website of the purse you want to purchase. They may have clearance sections.


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    • celebritie profile image

      celebritie 6 years ago

      designer purses can be rented online now a days, or traded and bartered as well, save a few bucks and go to the thrift store but only in the high net worth neighborhoods, LoL

    • breeze216 profile image

      breeze216 6 years ago from A Tiny Little Town in the Blue Ridge Mountains, VA

      I recently wrote a hub about my obsession with handbags. :):) Great hub.

    • profile image

      gchicnotes 6 years ago

      Great advice! I had no idea that Macy's had a program like that. These ideas are a good way to save and look stylish at the same time.