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How to Buy a Pisces Necklace Online

Updated on March 23, 2011

Who is Pisces?

So who is Pisces? Pisces is the dreamer of the Zodiac. Eternally optimistic and hopelessly romantic at heart, the Pisces always looks at the world through rose colored glasses. Pisces seems incapable of seeing the bad in people - or in the world for that matter. Trusting to a fault, Pisces frequently gets her heart broken or find that she has trusted in someone unworthy of that trust. Pisces empathy is legendary. A Pisces often knows what someone is feeling before they know themselves. Pisces are often creative in one form or the other. Artists, musicians, dancers and writers can frequently thank their Pisces influence for their creativity. Eternal dreamers, a Pisces may sometimes have her head so far up in the clouds that she forgets to check back in on planet Earth at times. Pisces sometimes appear aloof and shy. In reality, it is usually just that sensitive Pisces tends to keep to herself for fear of being hurt. Don't confuse sensitive with weak though. Pisces can be some of the strongest creatures in the Zodiac. Fiercely committed to those they love, they will fight to the ends of the Earth if necessary to protect them. Pisces strength comes from their intensely emotional internal make-up. Once they have accepted their emotional intensity, they can harness all the power that comes from such fierce emotions. A Pisces is unlikely to have a very conventional, or realistic, view of life...but that's exactly what makes them so special!

Why buy a Pisces Necklace?

To celebrate being a Pisces of course! There is nothing more special than wearing a symbol of your zodiac sign around your neck. If you are a Pisces, or happen to adore a Pisces, then you know that we are proud of our sign and wouldn't trade it for the world! One of the best things about being a Pisces is howoften we change our minds. Well, o.k. in general that's not considered one of our positive traits...but in this case it means we can have five different types of Pisces necklace and find a reason to wear each one. Some days we feel nostalgic...some days we feel elegant...some days funky...and others we feel earthy. That means, when we buy jewelry it can be any of the above styles and we will inevitably find an occassion to wear it. So...whether you want silver or gold, ancient or modern, sparkly or simple, find a necklace that expresses your vision of Pisces and wear it proudly!


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    • leigia67 profile image

      leigia67 7 years ago

      Well you know we are a dual sign - we swim in opposite directions. Every Pisces I know has at least two sides so you aren't alone!

    • profile image

      Aalyah 7 years ago

      I have always seen myself (A pices) as the loner, because ... well I'm kind of shy, (Not reallly kind of) but then when I'm around ppl I know and love, I can be outgoing, just like when someone might say something mean I may get kinda ticked off and tell them off, it's like their's 2 me's or something,a Dark me and a Light goody-two-shoes me.