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How to Care For Bleach Damaged Hair

Updated on June 23, 2018

Help Me Get My Beautiful Hair Back!

As any artificial blonde knows, bleaching your hair can bring it to the brink of ruin if not done correctly. Ends break and split, moisture is sapped, and your hair begins to look dull and unhealthy. No one wants dry, cracked, or frizzy hair, but this is an unavoidable truth amongst those who indulge in bleaching. Or is it? While it may be impossible to keep your hair at 100%, there are a few ways around muddling up those silky locks.

Unprocessed Virgin Coconut Oil

I cannot stress the use of coconut oil enough. It is useful for every aspect of hair care and a holy grail when it comes to saving your hair from bleach damage. To employ this wonder product, soak your hair in warm (but not too hot), melted oil for two hour or more before bleaching. The melt the oil you can: rub a clump of it between your palms, put it on the lowest heat on the stove top in any pot, or microwave it until melted in a microwave safe mug or bowl. Apply with fingertips from root to ends. Be sure to place a plastic hair cap over your soaking hair and a towel around your shoulders to catch any drippings. Trust me, it will drip!

Continue use of the coconut oil after your bleaching session one or twice every two weeks. This is will continue to restore lost moisture and rebuild your hair’s strength. It is also good for restoring moisture to your scalp, which will most likely be flaky and itchy after processing.

Give Your Hair Rest

Timing between your bleaching and coloring sessions is a huge factor in how well your hair is going to bounce back from being bombarded with bleach. The average wait time between sessions should be two weeks minimum. You should never bleach your hair before this period, as the hair is still too dry and burnt from the first session. Coloring or bleaching before the two week period could result in chemical burns and/or hair loss. Processing your hair before it is allowed to heal is like pouring battery acid on a sore, it’s only going to hurt!

Drink Plenty of Water

While you should be drinking enough water to sustain your body anyway, it is going to really come in handy here. Without enough of that precious liquid coursing through your veins, your body will not have enough to disperse throughout your hair. The longer your hair, the more water you should drink. Longer hair requires more nutrition and moisture dispersal, so more water is always better in these cases.

And That’s That!

Taking care of bleached, colored, or processed hair is a really simple process. There’s no hard math involved, just dedication. Bleaching your hair is a serious decision. You should do all of your research to gain knowledge on the proper way to bleach at home. If you are truly afraid of damaging your hair, i advise that you consult a professional hair stylist. They have all the experience and knowledge needed for all hair types and will make sure your hair comes out flawless. If you are like me, however, and you’re completely broke and cannot afford to spend $100 on a stylist, then read up on how to get bleached white or gray hair at home.


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