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How to Care for Blonde Hair with Purple Shampoo

Updated on February 5, 2013
Look after your hair with purple shampoo
Look after your hair with purple shampoo | Source

Looking after blonde hair is important, especially if it has been coloured. One of the best ways to do that is by using products specifically for blonde hair. These help to protect the hair from becoming brittle and damaged while also keeping the shine. Purple shampoo is one type of product available and will help your hair stand out.

Purple Shampoo Keeps the Vibrant Blonde Colour

Blonde colours start to dull and go a strange colour. The yellow comes through more, which gives a brassy look. People feel like they need to place more dye on their hair to help this, especially if the colour isn’t natural, but this dries out the hair and leads to more damage. To prevent the yellow shining through and mixing strangely with the natural hair colour, purple shampoo should be used.

Another problem that the purple coloured shampoos help to fight against is the dye mixing with products in the air. This could be from cigarette smoke to naturally formed fog. It is impossible to avoid these products and elements completely so protecting against them is essential.

Does the Colour of the Shampoo Really Matter?

The benefit of using purple shampoo is that it is the opposite colour to the yellow that comes through from the hair. It will tame the bright yellow, to stop it from excessively shining through and mixing with the natural hair colour. That doesn’t mean that you need pure purple products. Having the purple pigment is enough to help neutralise the dye.

Keep Natural Blonde Shining All Year Round

Those with naturally blonde hair likely find that their hair looks dull, especially during the winter months. There are natural tips to help keep the colour shining through, including lemon juice, but caring for your hair with purple shampoo is less dangerous and takes little time. Like working against the yellow in dyes, the shampoo works against the natural yellow and helps to bring natural highlights out.

Caring for your hair is important but does not need to take hours or cost a lot of money. Purple shampoo is perfect for those with blonde hair. It will stop the yellow shades becoming prominent so the colour shines brilliantly.


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