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How to Choose the Nipple Covers for Your Shelf Bras

Updated on September 24, 2013

If you’re one of the many women that love wearing a shelf bra with your clubwear, you’re well aware that you often need to use nipple covers.

Pasties make wearing clothing made from sheer fabrics easier by covering protruding nipples and providing a smooth, contoured surface across the breast.

There are plenty of different types of nipple covers to choose from and sometimes it can be difficult to find ones that you’re comfortable with. We have put together a few pointers that will help you find quality pasties.

When selecting nipple covers to wear with your shelf bra, you need to consider if you want to select a disposable or re-usable product.

Your choice may come down to whether you are going to use pasties regularly, convenience and affordability.

Many people immediately think that re-usable nipple covers will provide the best value for money. However, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Re-usable Pasties

Re-usable pasties can be a hassle to maintain. They need to be washed and handled properly to ensure that they last.

Even if you do maintain them well, they can lose their shape and adhesiveness over time.

Also, women often complain that they aren’t soft enough against their skin and become uncomfortable to wear for lengthy time periods.

These are a good option for your shelf bra if you want a convenient product that’s reliable.

Since they are disposable, they’re often much softer than re-usable cover nipple. This makes them more comfortable to wear.

Also, if you’re selective, they can actually end up being better value for money.

What to Consider

It’s important to pay attention to the construction of the cover nipple pads you’re considering purchasing.

You want to find for your shelf bra that are free from toxins. In many cases, chemicals are used at some stage of the manufacturing process and this can lead to skin irritation.

Look for a brand that clearly states that they are non-allergenic and toxin-free.

Waterproof pasties are also a great idea. Whether you get caught in a downpour or you’ve worked up a sweat chasing down a taxi, having waterproof nipple covers will ensure that they stay in place.

They have been manufactured from quality materials and are toxin free. Since they are disposable, every time you use them you’re guaranteed a snug, comfortable fit.

They’re also waterproof.

So what else can these nipple covers be used for?

Well, that's a great question. In short, they are used by runners and joggers to help prevent nipple chafing and nipple bleeding.

Runners and joggers especially men get nipple chafing and bleeding due to the fact that the vibration of the nipples against the fabric of their tops while moving irritates the nipples to the extreme that they can bleed and be extremely painful.

Disposable cover nipple pads are the perfect solution to help in preventing chafing and bleeding of runners.

Nipple Protrusion

There are many women who prefer not to wear a bra at all under thin garments, especially when going out to a night club or even those who prefer not to wear a bra but have nipples that protrude through their blouses or tops.

For these women, these disposable nipple covers are perfect as well. There is no reason now to use bandaids to coverup those protruding nipples. Simple grap a nipple cover, remove the back and use the self adhesive cover to smooth out the area.

It's simple and works.


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