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How to Choose the Right Cream for Your Skin?

Updated on December 13, 2016

Well, this is an obvious fact that one must use the cream and moisturizer as per one’s skin type, but it generally does not happen since most of us go for branded products ignoring our basic needs. All of them promise to benefit our skin in many ways, but do they actually do so? It might be a little tough to answer in affirmative. Anyway, it is never too late. So, here are some suggestions on how to use various skin products for different issues:



From the age of 10-20 years, there is not much requirement of serum or a special cream. Only a normal cream can do a great job and make your skin shiny and smooth. But if you smoke or take too much stress and then there are high chances that your skin may start to possess various skin issues and the, you need to look for a treatment. Generally children do not require sunscreen and hence, must not be used on them till the time they reach their twenties.

At the age of 20-30 years, your skin demands for moisturizer and sunscreen lotion so as to prevent the sign of ageing. It is a point worth remembering that sunscreen whose SPF is more than the range of 30-50 must not be used since it can cause the lack of Vitamin D in the body.

As the signs of ageing become quite obvious after the age of 30 years, women need to use some special creams such as anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing creams and including some treatments as well.

Face Mist for Skin Freshness

This is a water-based solution that consists of fragrance and vitamins. Though they can be used to make the skin feel fresh and shiny, but using it alone cannot benefit the skin in the winter season. It can be a part of our kit while travelling to prevent our face from getting dry.


Serum Helps in Brightening the Skin

Serum is a powerful product for making the skin glow by preventing us against various skin related issues. The issues can be like fine lines, dullness or dark circles.

Lotion Prevents Skin from getting Oily

Unlike creams, lotions do not contain much of oily ingredients and usually work for every skin type. If you are in confusion of choosing the best lotion for yourself, then go for non-comedogenic one. Such lotion does not cause blocked pores and effectively helps in removing the dirt and face marks. Also, it does not end up giving you an oily and sticky skin.


Night Cream for Growing Age

Night cream consists of oily ingredients in high amount and lacks in SPF and tint. Such type of cream is especially meant for those women whose color tends to get duller with growing age. Dry skin can also be a result of ageing, which is reduced using this cream. It must be noted that using a night cream at night mainly during the winter season helps the skin to remain soft and warm.


Ointment prevents from Itching

Ointment is a petroleum based cream that maintains the skin moisture for longer time. If your sky is extremely dry or you are suffering from the problem of itching, then ointment is the most effective cosmetic product for you. In fact, ointment also works effectively for sunburn and injured skin.


Oil for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

If you are little confused about using oil on your face, then it is worth to know that some of the oils are meant only for facial skin. Oil is a good option for you if you have dry or sensitive skin. It can be used for reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well. Since, using oil can make the skin oily and sticky for a while, you can avoid its use during the daytime.

Cream for Dry Skin

In comparison to serum and moisturizer, cream contains the highest amount of oily ingredients helpful for dry skin. The amount of cream to be used is directly proportional to the level of your skin dryness for example, if you have an extremely dry skin, then you need to use the cream in higher amounts.



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