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How to Choose the Right Shade Of Mineral Foundation

Updated on April 11, 2011

If you never bought foundation before and planning on getting the mineral foundation, you may afraid of choosing the wrong shade. So what is the best way to choose a shade?

Many women have problems when choosing an appropriate makeup base, not only a mineral one.  Compare to other type of foundations, mineral foundation is in loose powder format and made from mineral elements such as titanium dioxide, mica powder and iron. Mineral foundations are healthier than traditional foundations because it breathes and usually free of mineral oil, added chemicals, irritants, preservatives and such.

Finding the Right Shade

When finding the right shade, it can be tricky. Here a few helpful guidelines how to choose the right shade of your mineral foundation:

1) Make sure you buy 1 shade lighter than what you want.

2) Bring a friend, the friend that always has the most perfect makeup.

3) Get a tester and put some on your jaw line, not your wrist or hand. Do not test at your cheek as this tends to be more pigmented than your jaw line

4) Don’t buy mineral foundation online. Go to a store and try it out.

5) Try first a sample of foundation.

6) If you are confused and can’t decide between two shades of foundation, always go with the lighter of the two shades.

7) Make sure you check under natural daylight.

8) Most companies use beige as a medium. Determine whether you are light skin,medium, or dark. Pick the one that best fits the color of your skin: Usually beige is for medium skin tone.

9) You can try to mix two or more shades together in order to get the perfect shade of foundation for your skin.

Useful tips from this video!!

10) Draw a line of 3 different foundation colors across the lower part of your jaw. Let it ‘sit’ and blend with the heat of your skin and your own body oils for about 1 minute. You have got a good match if the color disappears completely onto your skin. Now you know what color of mineral foundation is best for you.

(Remember: Foundation should not be visible!!)


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