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How to Clean a Coach Purse

Updated on April 23, 2013
How to clean a coach purse
How to clean a coach purse

With help from my wife, I discovered that women are often left in a quandary when they need to clean their Coach handbags. Of course Coach is known for their high end leather purses, but the collection includes a variety of materials. In addition to the leather products, Coach offers handbags constructed from a wide variety of other luxury materials.

As one might expect, the company recommends the use of their signature line of C cleaners to properly care for their purses. The line of cleaners includes specific products for leather, fabric and suede. The Coach-brand Signature C cleaners are recommended as part of the warranty program. If you file a claim on the warranty of an authentic Coach purse and you did not adhere to the company’s instructions for cleaning, they reserve the right to reject the warranty claim. However, Coach purses can certainly be properly cleaned through the use of other products.

How do you clean a Coach purse?

As with any product, you will want to check the check the labels on your purse for the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to clean a the purse. Always make an effort to follow those recommendations, particularly on an item as expensive as a Coach purse. The material used in the construction of a Coach handbag can be sensitive, so always work with care, and test a small area before you take on the entire purse.

How do you clean a Coach leather purse?

Begin your effort by mixing a few drops of mild hand soap with distilled water in a bowl or glass. It is important to use a hand soap because you will risk drying out the leather if you choose dish-washing soap. Additionally, the use of distilled water is important because tap water normally contains trace levels of chemical like chlorine that are capable of damaging or ageing delicate leathers. Under no circumstance should you use a detergent, if you do, you could irreparably damage the leather.

Use a soft white/undyed cloth or towel when cleaning your purse. Any died cloth could potentially transfer color to the leather, so be sure to follow this step. With the cloth, gently wipe the purse, movng with the leather's grain, and use even strokes with even moderate pressure. Pay special attention to the areas of the purse that are touched most often like the handle and clasp. These areas are much more likely to be soiled due to the transfer of body oils,

Wipe the residue clean with a damp cloth, and, allow the purse to air dry indoors. Avoid direct sunlight and keep the bag away from heat sources like space heaters or hair dryers. Leather can be damaged by excessive heat and can even shrink while drying under a heat source.

Ultimately you will want to clean your Coach purse with Coach's Leather Cleaner and Moisturizer for those More extensive cleaning efforts. It is recommended that you clean and moisturize with these Coach products every 4 to 6 months for best results.

How do you clean a satin Coach purse?

Use a paper or undyed cloth towel to blot up any surface stains as quickly as possible after they occur. For instance, if you spill coffee on your purse, blot up the mess but don't rub it.

When testing any cleaner, find an inconspicuous area on the bag where you can test whether the cleaner will be suitable to clean a Coach purse. The inside of your bag or the underside are good places for testing.

Blot out stubborn stains with a mild baby wipe. The detergent that is used in most baby wipes is gentle enough that it won't damage the bag's fabric. Follow up with a gentle drying using a clean white cloth so that the moisture from the baby wipe doesn't linger.

How do you clean a suede Coach purse?

Wipe down the suede purse with a suede brush. Place a small amount of vinegar on a cotton swab. Rub the swab lightly over the spot or stain. Allow the vinegar to sit for five minutes. Dampen a soft clean cloth, and dab on the spot to remove the vinegar.
Allow to air dry.

Now you know how to clean a Coach purse, your lovely accessory should last a lifetime.

How do you clean a fabric Coach purse?

As you might expect, Coach recommends that you use their Signature C Fabric Cleaner to maximize your results. They also ask that you use the C Fabric Cleaner as a component of their warranty compliance.

For optimal results, you will want to dip a soft-bristled toothbrush Signature C gently brush the spot or stain until it disappears. Use a damp cloth to remove any cleaning residue, and air dry. Do NOT dry in the sun.

If you prefer to save some money and you want to clean a Coach purse made of fabric, you can simply spot-clean the fabric with plain water and a clean sponge; dab it, don’t scrub in any way as that could damage the texture of the material. Any grease stains can be treated by adding a drop of mild hand soap.

Keep some individually wrapped laundry pre-treatment wipes or a small package of baby wipes in your Coach purse. When you notice dirt or other stains, gently work on the stain with a wipe. Be sure to test for colorfastness on a hidden area of your purse before cleaning the entire bag. Allow your Coach purse to air dry.


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    • T. R. Brown profile image

      T. R. Brown 4 years ago from Nashville, TN


      I don't actually own one either, lol, but I did think it would be a helpful topic for many. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 4 years ago from Arizona

      Though I don't have a coach purse good information for fabric purses. well done hub.