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How to Clean and Sanitize Your Hair Comb

Updated on April 24, 2013

Clean Your Hair Comb

We all invest time to choose the perfect comb and brushes for the hair. We think twice to decide on our flat and round brushes. Now the question arises what to do for the maintenance of the comb and our hair brushes? The proper maintenance not only ensures a long life to them but also include how to get rid of impurities that gather in the comb by using it over and again.

Do you know that your hairstyle accessories, combs and brushes all are the real nests of microbes? The combs not only contain the impurities and remnants of hair products but also bacteria especially if they are shared within the family. Sharing combs means more bacteria in your combs and brushes. It is very important to clean your brushes and combs regularly. Combs get overlapped of sebum, hair, dust, and just removing the hair is not enough! In case you remove the hair stuck in your brush that means to allow the deposit of the daily dust, pollution and other residues in your hair and scalp. It is advisable to wash your brushes bristle almost every day and give them great cleaning per week.

Cleaning Your Hair Comb
Cleaning Your Hair Comb

The Method of Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Hair Comb and brushes

Dishwasher cleaning and sanitizing

If you have the plastic combs and brushes then the best solution is to simply put in the dishwasher. This intensive washing will unclog, even in inaccessible corners.

Cleaning by Boiling in pan

In case you do not have a dishwasher, use a pan with boiling water and a little bleach. Remove as much of the dirt that is on your brushes and combs, and then immerse them in water. Let them soak for an hour and then by using an old toothbrush loosen particles which are attached until your brushes get neat.

Water and soap or shampoo for cleaning too dirty comb and brushes

You can use different methods but here is a complete and best way to clean the hair comb and brushes. If your brushes are too dirty and you are no longer able to clean them properly then buy new ones. Always remember the brushes and combs have a lifespan and using them when they are dirty and damaged is not good for hair. Wash brushes bristle; especially when you remove hair thoroughly from a comb with fine plastic tooth brush. Then let them soak in soapy water before scrubbing with a little shampoo.

How to Clean using Washing Machine

Once a week, leave all the brushes and combs in a bucket of hot water to which add some soap. There are other methods, maybe you've already tested. Soak combs and brushes overnight in a mixture of water and bicarbonate (baking powder eliminates many residues sebum).Put brushes in a cloth bag, and put them directly into the washing machine, which obviously means removing hair brushes very carefully! Then remember to clean it regularly.

The frequency of maintenance depends on how you use your brushes and combs. Often, flat brush is used daily to style or detangle. The round brush is often used for blow-drying, its use is timelier and finally comb often used after shampooing to untangle.

You can clean them either once a week or every 15 days. For combs, whether ceramic, plastic or carbon, soak your comb in warm water with bleach to disinfect the well. Rinse well and wipe dry. For brushes, flat or round, first remove all hair stuck between the pins of combs. Then use soap emulsifier with water and rinse thoroughly. Dry it with your hair dryer, taking care not to burn the comb.

Now after this process you will have perfect shining comb in your hand to use it again in your hair.


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      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi younghopes,

      Glad to know that I was able to share a new knowledge to someone. Thanks for leaving the comment.

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      maria sial 4 years ago from united kingdom

      hahaha hubpages are about every thing... its interesting.. so far i use to put up my combs in a soapy water and than clean it with old tooth brush ... its simple and quick ... thanks for additional wonderful tips. rated up and intersting

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      Shadaan Alam 4 years ago from India

      this was something new to learn from you, nice hub