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How to Clean The Pores on Your Face

Updated on April 1, 2015
Face cleansing, home sauna.
Face cleansing, home sauna.

Every ones face has pores. Whether they're large and clogged up, or small and blended in, they're there on all of our faces. How you cleanse the pores on your face will assist with pimples and blackhead reduction.

Blackheads are caused when a pore in your skin become filled with small particles of dirt and bacteria, which then combines with the skins natural oils. To avoid black heads in pimples this dirt and oil needs to be removed before a pimple or a blackhead develops.

Drink Water

Many health experts recommend drinking up to eight glasses of water a day. Although it has many health benefits, eight glasses is a lot of water and not realistic. Drink as many glasses as you feel comfortable, coffee and sugar drinks such as cordial is not the same as a glass of water..

As our bodies water content is 60% for en and 55% for women, keeping yourself hydrated will have many heal benefits such as reducing wrinkles. There are hundreds of lotions and potions available to treat wrinkles, when all you really need to do is drink lots of water. I'm not saying to stop moisturising, moisturising creams are extremely beneficial, just imagine the benefits to your skin if you did both.

The most important basic beauty products a person can have are:

  • Day moisturizer containing a sunscreen SPF 15+.
  • Night moisturizer
  • Face Cleanser lotion
  • Facial Toner
  • Scrub
  • Face washer
  • Cotton balls
  • Make up remover - particularly around the eyes.

All beauty products, including makeup have use by dates. You should find this on the back at the very bottom, this date is the recommended used-by date. Beauty products and makeup can go off, if its past the used-by date, then throw it out immediately. Once a product has passed that date, the chemicals in the products begin to change and break down. Due to this break down bacteria can thrive. Introducing these creams or lotion could cause a rash, a severe allergic reaction, rashes, pimples or possibly an infection on your face.

Go through your make up bag and check all the dates, you will be quite surprised at what's in there. While you're doing this, clean your make up bag. Make your beauty products fresh and clean.

Rinse your face with warm water and remove all traces of face cleanser lotion.
Rinse your face with warm water and remove all traces of face cleanser lotion. | Source

Mini Pore Cleansing Face Sauna

Steam is your facial pores best friend. This free, simple and readily available face cleansing product will help open and clear out the pores on your face. It will as an added bonus, expand and clear your airways and lungs. Bit of a win, win situation.

For a Free, refreshing face sauna, follow the instructions below:

  1. Fill your bathroom sink with hottest water as your tap can produce. You do not need to use boiling water as the water from your tap will be hot enough. Watch out for splashes of hot water as it could burn you.
  2. Lay a thick towel over the sink as it's filling up, making sure it does not get wet, trapping in the steam rising off of the hot water.
  3. Optional - Add a drop or two of Eucalyptus oil. Other essential oils to put in the water are; lavender, rose oil or fruit slices such as oranges or lemons.
  4. Close your eyes and lifting the towel slowly in the middle, keeping as much as the steam under your towel tepee as you can, put your head under the towel for approximately three to five minutes. (Take off towel if you feel hot or dizzy at any stage).
  5. Be careful not to dip your nose in the water or to splash, as the water can still burn.
  6. After five minutes, remove the towel and gently pat off any water.
  7. Wash your face with your choice of gentle cleanser or soap.
  8. Moisturize generously, including your neck and chest.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise

It is extremely important to cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night. When done at night the days grime is removed before going to sleep, when the body performs its own repairs, produces the skins natural oil for the next day and also develops blackheads and pimples. In the morning, you will need to cleanse off the excess oil created in the night.

Cleanse, tone and moisturising

  • Push back hair off your face with a headband.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Lather cleanser in the palms of your hands and rub each hand on your face, in an upward motion cleaning your skin.
  • Rinse face cleansing lotion with warm water.
  • Dampen cotton ball with liquid toner.
  • Wipe all over the face, removing any remaining dirt and cleanser.
  • Moisturise.

Do not forget to moisturise your neck and d├ęcolletage. This is the area directly below your neck and the top area of your chest. The skin here is extremely delicate and easily shows signs of ageing.

It is just as important to remove your makeup every evening. When you leave cosmetics on overnight, tiny micro-organsms begin to multiply right there on your eyelashes.

Following some of the above basic beauty methods will help your skin radiate. Cleansing the pores on your face is easy and won't cost a lot of cash. Assist your skin to glow!

Facial Scrub

A facial scrub does not need to be an expensive product, purchase a cheap tube from your local supermarket. Look for a product that has mild particles similar to sand in the scrub.

  1. Lather your facial soap or cleanser with your hands, then apply to your face in an upward, circular motion. Remove any makeup, dirt or grit from your skin.
  2. Remove the soap with warm water and a face washer, always rub in cream in an upward and outward motion. (No need to pull your skin towards the earth any faster than it will naturally. Avoid gravity and push upwards.
  3. When using a facial scrub, rubbing gently in a circular motion.
  4. Wipe all scrub and grit away with a face washer when finished.
  5. Rinse any excess amounts off with warm water.
  6. Moisturise.

Facial scrubs are designed to remove the old, dead top layer of skin that accumulates over time on your face. Your skin has many layers to it and is constantly shedding the old layers of skin cells, revealing the more fresher, youthful skin below.

To avoid removing too many layers of skin too quickly, using a facial scrub needs to be done one to two time a week. Using a facial scrub too often can make the skin on your face appear thing on some people.

How old you look and feel is up to you!
How old you look and feel is up to you!
5 stars for Face Sauna


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