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How to Correctly Wear and Model Beauty Pageant Evening Gowns

Updated on February 20, 2019

Modeling in a Gown

Wearing and modeling a pageant gown is not as hard as it seems, lets not be intimidated to look glamorous, actually pageant evening gowns can be fun to wear once you get comfortable with the idea. Today I will help you head to toe, for your special evening, Now lets move on to getting ready for your big event!

  • The first thing I can recommend is to practice the catwalk in heels. Put on a long dress before you buy your pageant dress and practice in it.
  • While walking the cat walk put one foot in front of the other like you are walking a tight-wire in front of you and you cannot fall off. You do not want to trip on your hem in the dress so make sure you match your heel size with the dress so its just the right height for walking.
  • When you first arrive, in a room, pretend you are the light that just came on in the room demand attention, with a big smile, and sparkling eyes. like Jenifer Lawrence photographed to the right.
  • What I learned in modeling school was to always look up even though you really want to look down an get your footing. Take one look down before you start and that's it.
  • While going down stairs look down once and hold your head up the rest of the way, capturing the attention of the crowd.
  • For photos you will want to put your one hand on your hip and you other hand rested at your side. Like the lady posed above. This is called a T pose with your feet. The one foot slightly in front of the other. I will add a T pose and catwalk video for you to see below.
  • Put on some music you like and practice dancing!! Most ballroom dancing requires the waltz step, I recommend learning that as well. it is as simple as 1,2,3.
  • High Heels are a must, wedges or boots are discouraged. Satin, and sparkle might be a nice touch to go with your dress.


Posing for Photo Op

As you can see Ann Hathaway has her hand on her hip and the other elongated at her side with one foot out and knee bent and the other foot pointing to the side that's called a T with the feet. She is carrying her clutch proper in one photo and then to the right the last pose on the end is a high fashion "waist hug" pose, pulling the shoulders forward. Practice these poses in the mirror. It will help you feel more comfortable with these possess on your big day.

How to model an evening gown on stairs

How to model a evening gown, walk down the steps with your head up look down once to see where you are going. when you arrive at the bottom have your hand on a rail if you need guidance, you can put both hands on your hips and twirl, and showing each side of the dress and and one more 360 twirl to show off the dress. Chin to her shoulder at a twist that is really nice too. On the runways you can see how they walk proudly and with style.

How to walk like a Model


  • As far as Jewelry accessories go, you want to keep them low key, you want your jewelry to compliment your dress do not go overboard on the fake jewelry. I recommend a nice earring and dangling earning set that compliments your dress, not compete with it.
  • Clutches should be worn with a formal, no handbags or straps, as this is considered poor taste.
  • Consider going to get your hair professionally styled, to make your hair look as elegant as can be. From experience large volumes of curls will last all evening.


Make-up should be a strong lip color and light blush, heavy to medium eye make-up depending on how late it is. I would add some full or half lashes to help accent your eyes . Medium to heavy cover-up and use spot remover and highlights as the bright lights of star-dome will show all. You could also think about adding a sexy beauty mark, like Marilyn Monroe

Please vote and check out my tips on Modeling and travel.

Thank you!

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