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How to Create a Modest, Conservative Look?

Updated on August 22, 2017
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Sheila's a children's author who loves fashion trends from the wellness industry. She enjoys sharing fabulous style tips with you!

Perhaps, you simply have a dilemma when searching for modest, conservative clothing. It looks like mostly all designers’ hedge on creating plunging necklines, short skirts above the knees, and exposed backs with bare bellies. It can certainly be a chore in seeking to dress fairly conservatively in appearing fashionable. However, if you have a few tricks up your sleeve, you can create a modest, conservative look with just about any piece of clothing.

During the past several years, women have been complaining, and many designers are listening. Certain fashion designers are heeding to create longer skirts, buttoned-up blouses and even a librarian’s look. These designers are leaving the flimsy and exposed clothing fashions to designers who have less clout.

The fashion designers of the decade known to create the perfect conservative looks are Diane Von Furstenberg, Jason Wu and Vera Wang. These designers are making appealing fashion waves, besides the top-notch models and celebrities who dress appropriately.

Tailored Pant, Button-Up Blouses, and Skorts Are a Must

A fashion must have to look for in creating a modest, conservative look are gauchos, culottes, longer skirts or Shukrs, button up blouses, and skorts. A skort is a short underneath a skirt overlay. Of course, every woman looks high bound in a tailored pant.

To create a modest, conservative look with pieces of clothing that are too revealing, you can wear a layered piece that gives a sexy charm but yet covers the bare essentials.

A camisole or long tank top works nicely underneath a plunging neck line item with hip hugger pants that show your stomach. You can wear a short-sleeve jacket or bolero over your bare back or low-cut dress. If your old skirts are too short, you can wear a skirt extender underneath to elongate your skirt without having to buy a new skirt. This will make your outfit look remarkably elegant and sexy without revealing much skin. You can even wear a cardigan sweater over your dress for a bit more modesty.

With a little creativity, you can actually make all your outfits look modestly conservative by adding a few key pieces of clothing to your wardrobe as additions that cover pleasingly.

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Simple dresses without plunging necklines are modest.
Simple dresses without plunging necklines are modest. | Source

Color Coordinating Clothes for Work

Looking professional, is the game, when it comes, to a job, in an office setting. You ought to want to make a lasting impression that is equally attractive. Your choice of clothing does say a lot about you and the type of person you are. I’m sure you want your clothes to reflect the best of your personality. This attitude will fare well in getting you to your next promotion.

Employers usually, look for promoting employees, who are stylish and committed to their craft. Your choice of clothing can either get you praises or frowns, when it comes, to look to be stepped up.

Choosing to be unique and reserved is typically a principal way in gaining brownie points with your boss.

Make sure, your hair is neatly combed, and nails are not too long. Wear colors to accentuate your skin tone with accessories that bring out the best of your attire that are not overpowering.

You can mix neutral colors such as black, brown, navy blue, gray and olive green with soft or bright- colored blouses and skirt to create a discerning ensemble. Make sure your skirts aren’t too short, resemble miniskirts, and blouses don’t reveal any cleavage. Such clothes are terribly distracting and truly take away from the respect you so rightly deserve. It is an excellent idea, to remember, to wear panty hose that tactfully defines your legs.

Wear comfortable heels to match your outfit. Black shoes generally match just about any outfit. There may be a time when you want to wear light colored shoes. In such a case, it is an excellent idea to have a matching purse for your particular colored shoes and unique clothing.

A conservative pantsuit is just what you need for an office setting.
A conservative pantsuit is just what you need for an office setting. | Source

Skirts That Strike an Image

Gone are the days of the mini skirt. Today’s ladies typically look for becoming skirts and boy, there's a plethora of new skirt styles to choose. Just to name a few styles, there is the ruffled, pencil, rag with crinkle and even a tapered grass skirt. Each one is unique and suits all sorts of occasions.

You can choose to dress these skirts up or down depending on the type of shoe you wear. Sandals and flats suit a more relaxed style and a high heal shoe with boot's allure to more sophistication.

There is just something about a lady in a skirt that will make her feel as beautiful as the glamour of wearing a stunning vintage dress. Most skirts are super comfortable, except, of course the tapered pencil skirt that is normally worn during a classy night out.

Remember to stay far from fitted skirts that have an elastic waistband. Such a skirt will tend to be bulky at the waist and will take off from your royal figure.

Large department stores tend to carry an impressive array of ladies skirts in attractive colors and styles. Remember, always to try all your skirts before a purchase. A skirt that looks impressive on a model may not be as fitting on you. You may not like the way the skirt becomes you.

Experiment and make the best choice according to your personal taste. Always let your clothing style guide you in choosing what skirt to wear. You know first. Many times it's not the optimal idea to follow the flow of what’s popular because the latest fashion trends may not suit you for one reason or another. The key element is to love and feel fabulous in your skirt.

My favorite skirts are the flared and long pencil skirts, because, I can go from an office setting to a candle light dinner in one easy step, by simply changing my shoes. Often I am pressed for time and changing my shoes tends to work best for me.

Pink Lining Pencil Skirt with Crochet Overlay
Pink Lining Pencil Skirt with Crochet Overlay | Source

© 2016 Sheila Craan


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    FlourishAnyway 16 months ago from USA

    I used to dress very conservatively as a corporate businessperson but since I've aged I've changed my style.