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How to Deal with Acne depression ?

Updated on October 14, 2013

Problem of every teenager-Acne.
I am too facing this acne phase in my feels very embarrassed when i attend some family function or party where all my relatives are present and they starts to point out my facial appearance.sometimes even my friends make fun of my acnes and often consider me an average looking girl.but i know that without my acnes i can also become pretty or what people say beautiful.

Sometimes thinking about all this humiliation about my appearance and the jokes cracked on my personality makes me under confident and often leads me to a position where i feel depressed.Not able to bear all this fun,i stopped all my outdoor activities whether it was going for shopping or meeting some friends.I even started to take home tuitions instead of going to a coaching centre and facing the public out there.

It happens with every teen when they see their other friends having smooth and glowing skin,they feel insecure from inside and tries to ignore that person as much as they can because they knew that they could not compete with them in the matter of beauty.

But after taking some counciling classes from a councilor my whole thinking changed and now i am fully confident about my personality and does not allow anyone to make me feel under confident.

What causes acne ?

#acnes occurs due to the overaction of your sebaceous glands-when these glands produces a large amount of oil and skin cells,they block your focllicles and bacteria moves in causing more pimples.

#eating too oily and spicy food-consuming food which contains excessive oil and is too spicy can also cause pimples as it directly affects the working of our stomach which also is in contact with the oil producing glands.

#a tendency to get acne can run in families-members of the same family can inherit this problem due to the genes in their cells.

#irritation of skin-friction of a cloth on our skin and reaction of cosmetics can also cause acne.

#exposing our skin to extreme temperatures can also cause pimples.

What Causes Acne ?

How pimples can be treated ?

#instead of washing the affected areas again and again wash it only twice a day as frequent washing can irritate the skin and can make symptoms worse.

#use mild soap or cleanser and lukewarm water to wash the affected areas instead of very hot or cold water.

#don't try to clean out the black heads by squeezing them as they can leave scars too.

#Use water-based products that are described as non-comedogenic instead of too much make up and cosmetics.

#using prescribed medicines can also decrease your pimples:

  • topical retinoids
  • topical antibiotics
  • azelaic acid
  • antibiotic tablets

Consequences of depression.

Feeling depressed over your acne problem ?
Then raise your head high up in the public and get over this creepy feeling because its going to have negative effect on your health and on your daily life.

Two months ago i was all depressed about my acne.I started to visit many doctors regarding my this problem.But didn't find much good result and got upset with the thought that i will never be able to face the world with a good smooth skin.My mom used to explain me things that its natural and happens with everyone at this age.But i was not in a stage to listen to her as i faced much insult beyond my capability.

Due to all the stress my health got affected and my body became worse.people started to taunt me about my diet too.I started to apply different face wash,creams and cleanser for my skin and still it was of no use.In between all this my academic grades gradually started to fall and my performance in school worsened.

i felt very helpless at that time and was not able to think much.But after taking some counciling classes i realised that our beauty doesn't comes with smooth or glowing skin but our inner beauty is what matters more.then slowly slowly i felt an enthusiasm to work on my academics instead of focusing on my acne.And you won't believe me,as i started to become tension free and depressionless,my acne started to reduce and my skin became more clear.This means that it was some of my tension and depression also which increased my this problem.

Ways to reduce the depression caused due to acne problem.

1. Eat well.

you should take a healthy diet to stay fit and happy.eating well helps us to fight with the negative thoughts and makes us mentally strong too.right food will give your entire body,including your skin,the required nutrients to stay healthy.

2. Get enough sleep.

when you are tired and cranky,you can't face the outside world.its very important for you to take a sleep of 8 hours each night and in the middle of the day a short nap to keep you fresh.being fresh will help you to think things in a positive way.

3. Exercise regularly.

exercise is one such easy way which helps us to ease our anxiety and depression that beats our keeps our heart and lungs healthy too.Besides, when you feel good about the things your body can do, it helps you to focus less on your skin and improves our mood.

4. Start treating your acne, if you haven't already.

now you need to take some actions against your acnes by treating them to a good skin soon as you start this treatement the better it is.It's easy to feel helpless when you're breaking out and don't know how to stop it. Just knowing you've taken a step to improve your skin can help you feel more in control.

5. Get help, if you need it.

acne is a common problem nowadays.but if you are feeling helpless or embarrassed talk to a doctor about it.and you are not the only person with this problem,many people are suffering from all this.Depression, anxiety, social withdrawal, and thoughts of suicide are all warning signs you shouldn't ignore. Please get help right away. With help, you can feel better.

Acnezilax Secrets [How to cure acne once-and-for-all with Acnezilax Secrets!

Now feeling depressed and upset about these acnes is not going to help us.instead facing the world with courage and confident about our personality will lead us to a better life.


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