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How to Design Jeans

Updated on May 12, 2017
Ashish Dadgaa profile image

Ashish Dadgaa is a fashion consultant with 5 years of experience in the fashion industry. He writes about fashion tips, how-tos, and DIYs.

Are you thinking how to design jeans? Is it stopping you from producing eye-catching fashion designs? Do not worry. You are at the right place. I will provide you step by step instructions which will cover the fundamentals of designing jeans. Here I will take an illustration of skinny jeans. The basics can be applied to any style of male and female jeans. So shall we start?

1 hour

Tools and Materials

  • 2B Pencil (For Initial Sketch)
  • 2H Pencil (For Iightest Shadows)
  • 4B Pencil (For darker Shadows)
  • Sketches book
  • Colored Pencil

Essential Element of Jean

Let us understand important elements of jeans before we the designing.

Step 1

Basic Groundwork

At first, you have to sketch the legs of your model in the position that you need them to be. Draw the hemline and the waistline. Did you observe how the waistline line is taking place? This is because our model is posing with her left leg. Always sketch including the waistline, from the supporting towards the comfortable leg.

Step 2

Addition of Volume

Even if fashion figure is truly thin the tummy makes a volume that creates the waistline curve down in that region. When it reaches at the supporting leg then give it a nice curve. Sketch parallel lines to indicate the hem and the belt. Despite of how lean the jeans that you are drawing might be, there is always some additional volume to include around the legs. It might be hardly noticeable, but include it in case you don't need your jeans to look as sewed tights.

Step 3

Seams Detailing

Sketch the seams following the shape of the legs. After that decide where the belt loops are going to be and draw them.

Step 4

Sketch Folds and Creases

The wrinkles around the groin must be drawn this way: those of the supporting leg go up, and those of the relaxed one are bent around the leg. The knee wrinkles: those of the supporting leg are under and over the knee, as it's the most protruding portion of the body there. The wrinkles of the relaxed leg are spiral as appeared. In addition, there are small folds in the base of the jeans. Now sketch the closing and pockets.

Tip: Drawing the folds and creases of a dress are important in order to create fashion figure alluring and professional.

Step 5

Realistic Appearance

The folds influence the outlines of the garments. Now, crumple the outline wherever you have wrinkles. To give the impression of wrapping around, draw the size of the belt loops greater and let the belt itself cover the body including volume from the sides. Sketch the bottom of the jeans.

Step 6

Final Touch up

Here you give your jeans sewing detailing around the seams and the pockets. Now, sketch the button gap including only two little dashes. At last, little pockets in jeans are very common so do not forget to draw them.

Be artistic and create your own anthology of various style of jeans. Take this article as a base and work on essential dealings such as pockets, stitching, and buttons. Once you get good command on this detailing then you easily create any style of jeans.

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