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How to Do Manicure Pedicure At Home

Updated on August 9, 2010

If you have been under stress and the idea of going out is tiring, having a manicure pedicure night at home can be a great activity that will leave you refreshed.

The supplies you need for your manicure pedicure at home depend upon your tastes. You will need to select nail polish, if you plan to use any. Choose a color and a clear nail enamel to keep your manicure pedicure from chipping. You will likely need a nail file and possibly nail clippers as well. You will want to use some sort of soap and a finger bowl full of warm water for your manicure. Consider also getting some essential oils to put in the water to make your skin smooth.

For the pedicure, you will need the same supplies, except a foot bath instead of a finger bowl. These can be purchased in pedicure kits in beauty supply stores, and many even come with massaging parts to give your foot the ultimate pampering experience. Also consider purchasing a pumice stone to take dead skin cells off the bottom of your feet. Remember to purchase a nail file with a coarser grit for toenails.

Once you have gotten your supplies home and are ready to begin, place a towel over a flat surface to work on your finger nails. Wash your hands thoroughly before you begin. Clip your fingernails to the desired length and use a nail file to shape them. Then set them in the fingerbowl and dry thoroughly. Apply the nail polish of your desired color and, after it has dried completely, apply the clear nail enamel. You can also put a base coat of clear enamel on your nails before the color coat as well. Use lotion on your hands to help with dry skin.

For your pedicure, place a large towel on the floor in front of you, place your footbath on it, and fill the footbath with hot water, adding some liquid soap and essential oils if you like. Allow your feet to soak, then use a pumice stone to remove dead skin cells and soak your feet again. Apply lotion to your feet and/or your calves for relaxation. Then dry your feet and repeat the process for the manicure for your pedicure.

For the best manicure pedicure experience, invite friends over and have a party! Manicure pedicure nights go great with movies and dinner as well.

Image Credit: Dplanet, Flickr


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