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How to Do a Perfect Hair Color Consultation

Updated on June 29, 2013

What is Hair Color Consultation?

A hair color consultation is a process in which a stylist (specializing in hair color) and the customer explore the best hair color options and discuss about pricing and time required to get the dye job done.

Why hair consultation is important?

The most important part of coloring hair is consultation and it is always a good idea to do it before applying color. It is this stage where hairstylists understand what their client wants, so they can offer them the best coloring experience based on client's skin tone, face shape, eye color and hair texture.

As a hairstylist, if you get the consultation right and you communicate well to your client, once you've done your color and technique, your client not only feels fabulous about their hair but they also appreciate your genuine concern for their hair.

How to do a haircolor consultation?

According to Carolyn Newman, Color Director at Charles Worthington Salon, there are 5 steps to color consultation process and they are as follows.

Step 1: Ask the client the “history of the hair”.

Step 2: Color Personality – This includes making sure that the color fits the client’s personality, lifestyle, and also has something do with the upkeep and maintenance.

Step 3: The Diagnosis – This includes figuring out the perfect color that fits the skin tone of the client, as well as the perfect haircut considering the face shape for example.

Step 4: Color Placement – This includes looking at the focal point of the haircut as the basis for coloring.

Step 5: Color Choice – This is the summary where all factors are considered.

Carolyn has been a hairdresser for over 30 years and educates color techniques around the world for Charles Worthington Salon and L'Oreal.

Check out this cosmetology education video, and learn how to give a proper hair color consultation to your clients.


A hair color consultation is extremely helpful when you want to get a new hair color. I hope this hub gave you enough idea of what it is, why it is important and how to do it successfully in your salon.

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