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How to Dress Like Beyoncé

Updated on May 30, 2016
Beyoncé | Source
Beyonce's red carpet style
Beyonce's red carpet style | Source

The Queen B of Fashion

Beyoncé's style is glamorous, trendy and cool. You can easily draw inspiration from some of her most famous outfits. Look chic with a form-fitting dress or go casual with a cool leather jacket. Either way, you'll look red carpet ready every day of your fabulous life.

White Dress

Beyoncé in a form-fitting white dress
Beyoncé in a form-fitting white dress | Source
Long sleeve white dress
Long sleeve white dress | Source

A plain, long-sleeved white dress reads less like a wedding dress and more like an elegant party dress.

Sequin Dress

Beyoncé in a sequin dress
Beyoncé in a sequin dress | Source
Gold sequin dress
Gold sequin dress

Sequins are a classic way to make a dress look more fun and sparkly.

Colorful Skirt

Tank top and pink skirt
Tank top and pink skirt | Source
White blouse and colorful skirt
White blouse and colorful skirt | Source

A bright skirt with a crisp white blouse gives off a modern, chic vibe.

Black Leather Pants

Casual leather outfit
Casual leather outfit | Source
Black leather outfit
Black leather outfit | Source

You'll look casual and cool in a black leather ensemble.

Beyoncé's wavy bob
Beyoncé's wavy bob | Source
Beyoncé's natural beauty
Beyoncé's natural beauty | Source
Celebrity fashion
Celebrity fashion | Source


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