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How to Dress Like Steve McQueen in Bullitt

Updated on March 12, 2011

Dress Like This Movie Icon In His Most Memorable Role

Steve McQueen was not only one of the biggest movie stars of the 1960s and 1970s, he was also a fashion icon. McQueen has been gone for three decades now, but fashion designers are still using his movie characters as inspiration for new lines of clothing. 

Pictures of Steve McQueen from Bullitt

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Dress shirt with shawl collar cardiganTurtleneck with trench coatTurtleneck with sport coatTurtleneck with sport coat and Persol sunglassesTurtleneck with trench coatDress shirt with shawl collar cardiganSuit and tie with trench coat
Dress shirt with shawl collar cardigan
Dress shirt with shawl collar cardigan
Turtleneck with trench coat
Turtleneck with trench coat
Turtleneck with sport coat
Turtleneck with sport coat
Turtleneck with sport coat and Persol sunglasses
Turtleneck with sport coat and Persol sunglasses
Turtleneck with trench coat
Turtleneck with trench coat
Dress shirt with shawl collar cardigan
Dress shirt with shawl collar cardigan
Suit and tie with trench coat
Suit and tie with trench coat

How to Dress Like Lieutenant Frank Bullitt

Shirts and Jackets

Dressing like Steve McQueen's character (Bullitt) should hardly be reserved for Halloween. Bullitt's style is timeless and especially works during the spring and fall, or even in the winter in more temperate climates.

There are a few different outfits McQueen wears in the movie. Perhaps his most iconic look is the dark blue turtleneck under a brown sport coat. He also wears this turtleneck under a three-quarter fitted trench coat (khaki or light olive in color, definitely NOT black). Another popular look from the movie is the light-blue casual dress shirt with a maroon shawl collar cardigan on top of it. This is not a look you'll find many men attempting these days (or even back then), but it looks very fashion forward. It's important to not button the shirt to the top, giving a more casual look.

McQueen also shows a more formal look in some scenes from Bullitt. He wears a dark suit over a white dress shirt and pattern tie (any subtle color will do), with his three-quarter khaki trench coat protecting him (and the suit) from the harsh winds and rains of San Francisco. 

Pants and Shoes 

When he's not wearing a suit, McQueen wears black or very dark blue pants and brown shoes or boots. I think a nice pair of dark brown Timberlands or similar would work just fine. Also, don't forget a black or dark brown belt.


Although Steve McQueen was known to wear a Rolex Submariner off-screen and famously wore a Tag Heuer Monaco in the movie Le Mans, he wore neither watch in Bullitt. The make and model of the watch he did wear is unclear, but it did have a black leather band and a "squarish" face. Nothing too extravagant here; remember, Frank Bullitt is a Lieutenant, not a stockbroker.

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    • profile image

      Paul Rayson 

      8 years ago

      Good stuff! Try my site for more Bullitt-related ideas.

    • ltfawkes profile image


      9 years ago from NE Ohio

      Huh. Hey, as long as we're talking fashion here, I've decided I'm sticking with the default profile picture.

      I think it's because of the hat.



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