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How to Dress an Apple Body Shape to Bring out Your Best Features and Hide Your Flaws

Updated on May 22, 2013

How to dress an apple body shape


When you have an apple body shape, it can be difficult to look past your apple body shape flaws and easy to overlook your best apple shape features. But the key to looking your best as an apple body type, is to learn to embrace your body and to stick to clothing that make you look and feel great.

In this article, I will share with you how to dress an apple body shape to bring out your best and hide your flaws. Here follow a 4 step system to dress your apple body shape the best way and the best clothes for apple body type (and the worst).

Step 1 - Understand your apple body shape, unique beauty and best body features

The first step is to remind yourself of your assets and to learn how to love your unique apple body type.

An apple shape has gorgeous legs, an ample bosom and tight buns that every pear figure dreams off.

However your worst parts (and the parts you most likely want to change), are your broad shoulders, big boobs and a fuller, lesser defined waist and tummy.

Don’t cover up your bad parts by hiding away in big, unflattering clothing. Wearing the clothes for apple shape, will help you look and feel your best.

Here's a quiz to see if you really are an apple shape - Apple body shape quiz.

Step 2 - How to Dress an Apple Body Shape - Draw the attention to your best features and hide your apple body shape flaws

After you know how to love your apple body shape, the next step is to enhance your good bits and draw attention away from your not-so good apple body parts. You can do this by creating an illusion of a waist and by filling out your figure to create balance.

The body parts that you want to draw attention to are your beautiful legs, bum, and your cleavage. To draw the attention to your legs and bum, wear shorter clothing on the bottom and keep to bright or light colors on your lower body.

You can also draw attention to your lovely manicured fingers (and away from your tummy) by wearing eyecatching, high fashion rings.

Darker colors on top, or tops in one color, as well as sequins in will make your upper body appear smaller.

High waisted skirts and pants will give the appearance of a waist, as will tops that are wraparounds or that have a tie around your waist.

And if you are short, or if you just need a boost, high heeled shoes will make your legs look longer and your apple middle appear smaller.

Boot leg jeans will help you balance out your lower body, and high heels will make your legs appear longer.

Avoid these clothes if you have an apple shape

Step 3 - How to Dress an Apple Body Shape - Avoid these bad for apple body shape clothes

Some clothes can make your apple body shape appear larger than it is. Here are some of the worst clothes for apple shape:

  • Empire tops/dresses - Empire dresses may exaggerates your apple body shape, by emphasizing your boobs and bigger upper body while. Empire dresses give your waist no definition and they hide away your great bum and lean legs.

  • Big puffer jackets will add to your apple body shape

  • Tight clingy T-shirts will draw attention to your bigger middle

  • High necklines can make your upper body appear even more out of proportion

  • Big shapeless garments that don’t show any waist is the worst to hide away in if you have an apple body shape

    Here's an example of how to dress your apple shape the right way - Woman's day apple body slide show.

These clothes will make your middle smaller

Step 4 - How to Dress an Apple Body Shape - Focus on these best clothes for your apple shape

Now we come to the step that will help you with how to dress your apple body type the best way. When you next go shopping, these are the clothes for apple body type that you should try on first. These best clothes for apple shape will enhance your best apple body shape features and hide your bad apple figure bits.

Wear the correct and well fitted bra

Wear a well fitted bra, or minimizer bra to support and shape your ample bosom.

Best tops for apple shape

Go for wrap tops, tops that have a tie around the waist or ruched tops to create definition in your waist.Tops with a V-neck will help break up the size of your chest and create a lean line.

Best bottom apple body shape clothes

High waisted jeans/skirts in bright colors is your best bet to enhance your small lower body.

Bright or light leggings with A-line tops also flatter your apple shape body type. Best shorts for your apple shape - high waisted, with pockets and belted.

Best jackets for your apple body type

When it comes to jackets, choose single breasted, V-neck jackets, to give the illusion of a smaller, longer upper body. Belted trench coats help to create more definition in your middle.

Best dresses to enhance apple shapes

Bias cut dresses, sheaths in woven fabrications, weighty jersey dresses with front knot under bust detailing are good options because they create a waistline but skim over the extra bits. Dresses with center front ruffle details, belted shirt dresses, and mock wrap frocks with plenty of side seam ruching will also work.

Here's a great gallery from Shape mag for fall fashions for every body types. Apple body shape dresses - slideshow.


Now that you know how to dress an apple body shape, you will be able to draw the attention to your good parts and hide your apple body shape flaws.

Can you change your apple body shape?

These tips will help you to make the most of your apple body shape. So be proud of it. But if you were wondering if you could change your apple shape, here's an article to review:

Can you change your body shape? Dr Oz investigates.

Apple shaped body?

What do you love about your apple shaped body?

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      Vickie Reece 

      4 years ago

      What do you do if you have a combination of two body shapes? Which one do you use for your guide?


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