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How to Dress as a Rocker?

Updated on May 7, 2017
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I am Liam, a soldier, sports enthusiast, motorcycle biker and a huge fan of leather. I love to travel, write about my travels and my life.

Why Are Rockers so Popular?

Rock'n'Roll has been one of the most popular, if not the most popular one, music genres in the world for almost a century. If we go back in history and look at the popularity level of rock'n'roll icons like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Jim Morrisson and all the modern ones, as for example Jon Bon Jovi, Adam Levine from Maroon 5, etc.

Rock'n'roll was always the music of rebels, of people who were not afraid of speaking against social norms, against politics and I guess this is also one of the reasons why people and fans started looking up to rockers, to their behaviour and their way of life. It is not just about their music and their lyrics, maybe it is even more about their behaviour and their appearance with which they make certain fashion statements. It is all this that makes it easier for people to relate to rockers and their music. Of course, in the same manner that people look up to them, they also look to dress like them - either by wearing jeans or leather.

AkramOutfit Leather Men's Leather Jacket(AK14-XXL)
AkramOutfit Leather Men's Leather Jacket(AK14-XXL)

This is my favourite men's leather jacket made out of soft lambskin leather. It is not heavy, and as such perfect to wear everyday, either to school, work or simply on a night out on the town. It offers great protection from the rain and goes with literally everything, jeans, leather pants, regular pants.


Rockers Wear Leather All the Time

Rock'n'roll musicians are known to be sporting leather on a regular basis, either they are wearing it while performing on stage or during their everyday activities. It seems that all the most popular rockers as well as those musicians who are striving towards achieving such level of popularity are wearing leather jackets and leather pants, even sweatpants nowadays. And the trend seems to be growing and spreading to other celebrities, like actors and even sports athletes.

It all started way back in the 1950s, or even before that, when Elvis Presley, James Dean, and later on Jim Morrison started sporting leather jackets and tight leather pants on a daily basis. Fans across the world went crazy for it, which resulted in a huge increase of leather sales across the entire planet.

In this day and age, everyone seems to be wearing leather, which probably has to do with the fact that leather jackets and even leather pants are easily combined with different fabrics, types of clothes and different colours. Another important factor in leather becoming hugely popular is also the price. In the past, leather clothes were considered to be in the domain of only wealthier people, since leather jackets and even more so leather pants were considered as the most expensive items on the market. That all changed with the opening of markets in the late 1980s, as leather clothes became more easily accessible to the greater general public.

In the new millennium, rockers, pop stars, actors and famous athletes are all wearing leather proudly. And I am not talking just about leather jackets, leather pants, celebrities are regularly wearing even leather sweatpants, which they regard as really comfortable and easily combined with other pieces of clothing.

The Modern Fashionable Rocker Look

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Guys in Rocker Leather

A Rocker Must Have a Leather Jacket

People would say that you are not a real rocker if you don't have a wardrobe full of leather jackets. The most fashionable men's leather jackets worn by rockers are such as Marlon Brando wore in the cult movie The Wild One - a leather jacket, usually in black, with lots of zippers. Rockers usually opt for light and soft leather, since they wear these jacket almost everyday all-day long.

The most popular colour of a rocker leather jacket is black, although many famous musicians choose also rocker leather jackets in brown, grey, blue, red or other colours.

If you want to be regarded as a rocker, simply get yourself at least one, or more, leather jacket and wear them proudly to school, college, work or for your everyday errands.

Laverapelle Men's Black Genuine Lambskin Leather Jacket - 1501535 - Large
Laverapelle Men's Black Genuine Lambskin Leather Jacket - 1501535 - Large

This black leather jacket with red stripes on the arms is made ouf soft lambskin nappa leather, it is really light and has two inside pockets. The perfect jacket to wear to a concert or for a motorcycle ride.


A Real Rocker Wears Leather Pants!

If you want to be a real rocker, or at least dress like one, then you need to introduce at least one pair of leather pants to your wardrobe. Rockers like Jon Bon Jovi, Chris Daughtry and for example Lenny Kravitz are all known to be wearing leather pants regularly. Not only when performing on a stage, but also during their everyday activities.

If you are looking to get yourself a pair of leather pants, I would first advise you to decide on the style of pants you would like to have, either tight or more loose leather pants. Personally, I prefer my leather pants to be tight. The second thing you need to decide is the colour of the pants. Again, the most popular seem to be black leather pants, although many fans opt for brown, blue, grey or other colour of leather pants.

You may think leather pants are too expensive. But that is not the case anymore, well, I guess they are still expensive if you are determined to get leather pants of a popular brand. Otherwise, you can get a decent pair of leather pants for less than USD 100.00. And the best thing about leather pants? If you buy quality pants, they will surely last a lifetime!

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A True Rocker Has Leather Boots

Leather boots are a popular option for all rockers and I would say all guys who love to be sexy and appealing. They can last a lifetime and are a perfect choice because they can be combined with almost all types of pants, either jeans, leather pants or regular more elegant pants.

I love my black leather cowboy boots with a side lace. I feel most comfortable in them and I usually combine them with my jeans or leather pants when I am riding my bike.

Maybe you will not immediately think of leather boots when you'll be looking to fulfill your leather wardrobe, but let me tell you, if you are seen wearing a full leather attire without the matching leather boots and you are wearing sneakers instead of the more obvious choice - leather boots, you will not be looking good.

Let me just add - don't forget about finding the perfect pair of leather boots when dressing up in leather. They real make a person whole! Especially if you are striving towards completing your leather attire.

Adam Levine performing in a Schott Rocker Leather Jacket

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Rockers don't wear just Leather

Many people believe that all rockers wear is leather. It is true that most rockers prefer to wear leather, but leather jackets can go perfectly also with regular jeans not with leather pants. Usually the entire attire of a rocker is well accessorized with the use of leather wristbands and chains or metallic watches. Another popular choice are tanktops or better said t-shirts without sleeves, since rockers tend to like to show their muscles and their tattooes.

Another fact that should be pointed out, people tend to perceive rockers as real bad-asses, sporting tattooes, motorcycles and big hogs. Of course this cannot be generalized to all but it is known to be popular among most rockers.

What kind of fashion style do you have? Do you ever dress like a rocker?

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    • profile image

      Terrence Harris 

      4 months ago

      I do dress like a rocker. In fact im an artist wit a rockstar mentality.


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