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How to Dress in the Gothic Aristocrat Fashion?

Updated on July 2, 2016
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She's a children's author who loves fashion trends from the wellness industry. She enjoys sharing fabulous style tips with you!

A Classy Gothic Aristocrat Loves to Accessorize

Most Gothic Aristocrats Dress in Dark, Somber Colors. A Few May Add a Bright Top or Bottom to Look Their Best.
Most Gothic Aristocrats Dress in Dark, Somber Colors. A Few May Add a Bright Top or Bottom to Look Their Best. | Source

Gothic Aristocrats Love to Dress in the Medieval Era

An aristocrat is someone who has money and has made a name for herself or himself. Perhaps, you are an actor, a poet, an artist, a doctor or a lawyer, and are infatuated by the makeup and simplicity, and elegance of this somber Gothic fashion craze. For sure, you have the means to dress in upscale clothes! You're also popular in your community and circle of influence, including your relatives and family.

Probably, you had a servant or maids when you were growing up, or a nanny to take care of you. You learned about the finer things of life and have never known to go without food, shelter, or the things you love and want. Ideally, you are not a smoker or a drinker, and you speak intelligently. The people you come into contact every day want to stop and listen to what you say, because, you appear extremely remarkable and intelligent.

The Medieval Aristocrat Is Known for Their Sophistication

The medieval aristocrat style is known for its sophistication, weighty makeup and neatness. It is mostly composed of black-and-white chic with overly overcast color overlays, and natural tones, overflowed with ruffles or lace trimmings, and dark broad tailored boots with heavy socks or stockings. A blackly ruffled umbrella will make you exceedingly conspicuous; however, you should feel comfortable walking around with such an umbrella on a sunny day for an innocent shady reprieve that is not uneasy, to say the least.

You may take pleasure in wearing a sexy corset, and waistcoat with gloves and a hat, for a stylish look that's out of this world! You’ll turn heads for sure, but make sure you cover your cleavage if you’re a woman! Solemn colors, of black; unlit, gray, burgundy, royal blue mixed with a long-sleeved white blouse or knife hem shirt, covered from head to toe are fine Gothic aristocrat garments. There is no scope to show a tinge of a skin except for your neck and facial features. Even, at times, a Gothic aristocrat woman may choose to wear a veil covering her face, to look painstakingly exotic and mysterious.

A Summertime Gothic Stance

Notice the Black Tights and Flashy Jewelry on this Gothic Model.
Notice the Black Tights and Flashy Jewelry on this Gothic Model. | Source

Above is a modish Gothic Aristocrat stance! Here the model is wearing black leggings with a black spandex blouse and a large cross. The classic attitude of a Gothic Aristocrat is somber and sophisticated; they love to wear conspicuous jewelry that is mysterious!!

Overcoats with Top Hats Make a Huge Statement

A Gothic aristocrat form alludes to a sexy stance without bearing a good deal of skin, since this fashion style calls for long skirts, tailored or streamlined jackets with tight-fitting, long-sleeved blouses and shirts, and wide-legged pants or tight pants with an overcoat . These styles of clothing are tailor-made, to fit both men and women. This is tailor known as the androgynous Gothic way.

Overcoats with top hats are huge, and so is custom jewelry made of beads and metal charms. Most likely, you'll want to paint your nails to the color of your lipstick or outfit. At times, a medieval aristocrat is known and branded to wear blue lipstick to match their lacy royal gloves.

Various immature personalities may intensify their Gothic aristocrat stance by exaggerating it to embrace a vampire look. This is an overstatement, and such is better kept for holiday costume wear such as Halloween, or a masquerade ball.

A Coffin Handbag and Military Boots Is a Fad of the Gothic Style

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