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How to Dye Your Hair Bright Colors

Updated on January 9, 2011

Do you have boring hair?

I've been coloring and styling my own hair for years and have come across these helpful tips that will lead you onto hair greatness! You'll be surprised at how many different stylists don't know about alternative styling and coloring. I'm sure everyone has done terrible things to their hair when they tried it on their own and deeply regretted it (I know I have). Fear not, for with my guide I'm positive your hair will turn out better than those times where you felt like giving up and cutting it off.

Bleach Your Hair

If you're going to dye you hair any color that isn't black, brown, or plain red, you're definitely going to need to bleach your hair first.

Trying to dye your hair anything bright without bleaching it first is futile. You'll get a very unattractive drab brownish color at best. Even if your hair is blonde, it will still have too much pigment to take well with bright colors.

Have you bleached you hair before? Has it, like in most cases, turned out orange? That's an easy thing to fix. Don't go for boxed bleaches unless you know that it will work for you. If you're like the other 90% of the population with stubborn hair, you still don't need to pay for a pricey salon job. Go to your nearest beauty/salon shop, and ask for blue pigmented bleach powder with the appropriate developer. Try to go for the highest volume they have available if you have stubborn hair. Volume is the term for how much it will lighten your hair. If your hair is at least shoulder length, it's a good idea to buy two packets of bleach powder with one bottle of developer.

Useful Tips for Bleaching Your Hair

If you're using the powder and developer method, make sure that you leave it in for the allotted time the product says. Not matter what anyone says, bleaching your hair does damage it in some way. If you leave it in for too long, it will fry your hair, but if you wash it out too fast, your hair will not be lightened enough. Wash out the bleach with lots of shampoo, possibly twice. The creams in the coloring product I'm suggesting sometimes act as a developer to your dried hair if it still has bleach in it. This will not damage your hair, but the color will not be as bright if the leftover bleach takes out some of the pigment.

Put a plastic bag on your head after you have put all the bleach in your hair, and then a hat over that so there is no air under the plastic bag and so it will stay in place. This helps the bleach stay wet and continue working instead of just drying out. The heat from the hat will make your hair develop better, faster, and more evenly. This will also keep you from getting bleach on your clothing while you wait for your hair to develop.

Coloring Your Hair

After you've made sure that your hair is bright and all of the bleach is washed out, you need to color it.

I've found that buying bright colored dyes from the salon usually didn't turn out very well because the color was either too dark or too light, or it washed out too quickly. Most of the time the salon just isn't the way to go if you want your hair to turn out in your image. The most readily available cream dye I use is Manic Panic. This is the most popular and easy to buy, but not necessarily the best. Manic Panic doesn't have a very high amount of pigment in, and has mostly cream to soften your hair after it's been bleached..I live in a small town, but if I could get my hands on it I'd definitely buy Punky Color instead. It has a much higher pigment to cream ratio and your hair will turn out much bolder, and not wash out so easily. There is also another brand called Special Effects. I've rarely used this brand, but when I did I discovered it had mostly the same consistency as Manic Panic, so either could be acceptable.

Make sure that you completely saturate your hair. Missing a piece just means you can get back to it later, but it does get annoying not having it finished properly the first time. Put a plastic bag over your head like you did when bleaching. I usually leave the dye in overnight instead of washing it out right away so the color is as bright as possible. The plastic bag will make sure that if the dye hasn't dried enough, it won't get all over your pillow (or yourself).

Tips for the Coloring Process

If your hair is damaged from bleaching it, don't worry. The cream in your hair dye will act like a conditioner to help smooth out the ends and saturate your hair with a healthy smooth feel. When you wash the hair dye out, don't use shampoo. This will wash out much of the color that you have just put in. Studies have shown that shampooing your hair strips it of it's natural oils, which keep your hair healthy. The chemical that they use to make shampoo froth is bad for dandruff because it irritates and dries out the scalp. Using conditioner will wash out the color less, and will make your hair smell and feel just as nice as if you used shampoo.

My hair after freshly applying Pillar Box Red, Manic Panic.
My hair after freshly applying Pillar Box Red, Manic Panic.

You're Finished!

Thank you for reading my guide to How to Dye Your Hair Bright Colors. I hope you found this hub useful, and any questions or comments you have will be greatly appreciated!


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    • profile image

      T-OMG-FASHION 2 years ago

      I love this color wow. i which i can rock blue

    • profile image

      heather 3 years ago

      i love that picture with the bright green i want to get that color in my hair

    • profile image

      Sup101 3 years ago

      Awesome, I love your hair with green! Wish I could pull that off...

    • profile image

      carol 5 years ago

      i pre bleached my hair 2 months ago n now wanna start again can i pre bleach it again its red at moment n faded out want t find a nice bergunday colour but still not found one can u suggest one for me n do i need t bleach 1st if im goin over red thanxu ..also i normally but wholesale dyes n not boxed ones from supermarkets /

    • profile image

      Danii 5 years ago

      Hey ,so when you say don't shampoo you mean like when you shower don't use shampoo just wash your hair and then condition it?o:

    • profile image

      ashily 5 years ago

      how do you do your hair without bleaching it

    • Felynx profile image

      Felynx 6 years ago

      Sorry I don't understand the context of your negative comment