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How to Find Cheap Baby Clothes

Updated on April 15, 2012

Baby clothes can be very expensive! Given that babies grow so quickly, they rarely wear any clothing often enough to wear it out. In fact, most baby clothes are only worn a few times before the babies outgrow them. When the clothes are tossed aside, they usually still look brand new. So, why pay full price for baby clothes?

Cheap baby clothes are easy to find if you know where to look. Here are some tips for where and how to find inexpensive baby clothes.


Local Cheap Shops

There are many stores that sell new and gently used baby clothes for very low prices. Many large department stores such as Wal-Mart, Meijer,and Target drastically reduce prices at the end of each season. It's possible to find a packet of onesies or a pretty dress for less than one dollar! Also watch for coupons or "baby sales", which occur about once every quarter, in which prices of baby clothes are reduced even further.

For gently used baby clothes (which is pretty much all baby clothes!), look at resale and consignment shops for great deals. Stores like Once Upon a Child specialize in gently used baby and children's clothes, and their items are generally priced at less than half of the retail price of the item. They also don't accept anything in less than excellent condition, so you can trust that their items are worth every penny!

Also consider shopping at thrift stores, such as Goodwill and Salvation Army retail outlets. While baby clothes at thrift stores can be considerably cheaper than department or resale shops, they can also be of lesser quality. Check items thoroughly for stains and tears before buying. There are still many great deals to be had at thrift stores - often for less than fifty cents for an item.

Yard sales are excellent places to find deals on baby clothes.
Yard sales are excellent places to find deals on baby clothes. | Source

Finding Baby Clothes at Garage Sales

Garage and yard sales are excellent locations to find cheap baby clothes. As when shopping at thrift stores, be sure to inspect the items thoroughly before buying, to make sure they are in good condition.

To find a garage sale that will have baby clothes, pay close attention to how the sale is advertised. Look for words like "family", "kids", "moving sale", etc.. Also, find neighborhood sales and church sales that are likely to have kids just outgrowing the baby stages. You want to find places with kids just older than yours, so you can buy what they have just outgrown.

Finding Cheap Baby Clothes Online

There are many places to find cheap baby clothes online. For example, sites such as eBay have many listings for inexpensive baby clothes, often less than half of retail price. Amazon also has cheap clothes, and their clearance site has even more options. See our list of additional online sites to find inexpensive baby clothes.

Maximize Your Savings

Many stores offer opportunities to save even more. Sign up for mailing and email lists for your favorite stores (department stores, thrift stores, and resale shops all have them). You can get special coupons and discounts, and even learn about sales in advance.

Become a fan of these stores on Facebook and a follower on Twitter. You will learn about special flash sales and other short term or quick sales.

Double up with coupons! Save your store coupons for sale and clearance items at department stores for maximum savings.

Never pay retail for baby clothes when there are so many inexpensive options. Happy shopping!


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    • Amy Gillie profile image

      Amy Gillie 5 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks! Wishing you happiness with the new little one!

    • TFScientist profile image

      Rhys Baker 5 years ago from Peterborough, UK

      Great tips and advice! Voted Up and Useful.

      My first is on the way and I will be revisiting this in a few months

    • Amy Gillie profile image

      Amy Gillie 5 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks for the read and vote, Mmargie1966!

    • Mmargie1966 profile image

      Mmargie1966 5 years ago from Gainesville, GA

      Great job, Amy! I voted up and useful!

    • Amy Gillie profile image

      Amy Gillie 5 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks habee! I saw your hub on The Children's Place. I need to check it out! Thanks for the vote!

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 5 years ago from Georgia

      Great info. I'm always looking for cheap baby clothes! We usually find some great deals at The Children's Place. Voted up!

    • Amy Gillie profile image

      Amy Gillie 5 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks, alliemacb! The gently used clothes are usually in great shape - no one would guess they aren't new!

    • Amy Gillie profile image

      Amy Gillie 5 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks, Sadie14! The clothes I get for my little ones always look brand new. Thanks for the vote!

    • Amy Gillie profile image

      Amy Gillie 5 years ago from Indiana

      Can you tell I love to shop? I have to find bargains or I'd be out of money fast. Thanks for the comments!

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      Can you come to Texas and go shopping with me? Please? You know the absolute best ways to find terrific bargains on clothes, and still get stylish things! Once again, this hub is excellent!

    • Sadie14 profile image

      Brittany B 5 years ago from U.S.

      This is great advice Amy! When I lived in Idaho we had consignment a store called Other Mother's and I know a lot of people who go their baby clothes for very cheap. I don't see the point in buying new clothes for a baby because, like you said, they grow out of them so quickly! Voted up :)

    • alliemacb profile image

      alliemacb 5 years ago from Scotland

      This is really useful. I recently bought some baby clothes as a gift for a friend and couldn't believe the prices. This is a great list of resources for people who have to buy for babies all the time.

    • Amy Gillie profile image

      Amy Gillie 5 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks, summerberrie! My daughter is one, and I've learned a lot of lessons since my older son was a baby. No need to pay retail! Thanks for the vote!!

    • profile image

      summerberrie 5 years ago

      Thanks for these useful hints and resources. There are so many more consignment shops for kids cloths available now than when I was shopping for baby cloths. I know where I will be looking when I start having grandkids! Voted useful.