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How to Find Comfortable Skinny Jeans for Your Body

Updated on March 19, 2013
© Dragosmanea | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
© Dragosmanea | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images | Source

Skinny jeans! These tight hugging-jeans have been haunting me for so many years that I've decided to give them a go! Unlike a regular pair of jeans, skinny jeans may be too revealing for some of us as they tend to show of our curves, whether we want to or not. Finding the skinny jeans that fits perfectly and comfortably for us can be challenging. At least, in my case it was.

I used to have an hourglass figure (or so I thought!). However as I age, I had turned into a pear. Most of my weight now rests in my hips, thighs and butt regions. Thanks to a lot of running and several leg and abs workout, I have finally gotten my upper legs to firm up (a little) and my butt to lose heavy loads of fats. It was (and still is) not a walk in the park; but the results are amazing. Not only can I wear skinny jeans with pride; I also feel a lot younger, faster and leaner than ever.

Still, if workouts and exercise are not for you, you can still rock a pair of skinny jeans by choosing the right cut, rise, tip and material that may fit your figure well.


Skinny Jeans according to Body Shapes

Pear shape (Triangle).

I am pear-shaped. My curves are mostly on my hips and upper thighs. What works for me are mid-rise jeans with a bootleg or flare cuts. I don't usually go for straight cuts, although that also works. Not only am I pear-shaped, I'm not on much on the height, either. With clogs or heels however, I feel taller, sexier and more confident in my jeans.

Apple shape (Round).

Apple-shaped bodies are those who appear to look heavy on the bust-line. They may have wide shoulders, (may even have rounded stomach) with smaller hips compared to upper region, with not much definition on the waist. An apple-shaped body may have limber upper and lower exteriors, though.

For an apple-shaped body, high-rise skinny jeans will take the attention off the waist. You can also pull off a pair of legging or a stretchy skinny jeans with the right pair of blouse. The cut of the blouse, shirt or dress should not accentuate the waist. Rather, an A-line will be perfect! Straight-cut, flared and bootleg that can flatter the legs can also work for this figure as it focuses on your legs' shape when you walk.

The important thing is not to emphasize on the waistline; and draw attention to your assets (e.g. arms, legs, bust). Dark wash jeans can attract attention to your legs. If you want to appear taller and slimmer, dark wash may do. If you want to appear more casual or loose, light wash is your choice.

Hourglass shape.

You are this shape if your shoulders and hips are of the same proportions; plus, your waist is small. This is what we would call in the Philippines, a Coca-cola-shaped bud. This shape can rock almost any cut of skinny jeans, fit any rise, wash, tips or what have you's. The important thing is to highlight the curves. If you have an hourglass figure; however petite, a pair of leggings will bring out your curves.

Whether you're curvy or slim, when it comes to skinny jeans, you can definitely show off your perfect shape.

Athletic shape (Rectangle).

You have this shape if your shoulders and hips are of equal measurements with no definition on the waist. Skinny jeans with a flared tip will create an impression of sexy legs. A pair of high heels will also help. If you're into flats though, skinny jeans up to the calves can give a toned sexy impression. Show off your curves with skinny jeans that accentuate the butt. High-rise jeans can create an impression of being taller, if you're petite.

Beating the Odds

Wearing skinny jeans and tight leggings is not just for the slim and sexy. Anyone can pull off a pair of skinny jeans and exude with sex appeal, depending on how one carries herself. There are many tricks and fashion rules (e.g. choosing the right wash or cut or rise) that can show off your curves with those skinny jeans.

I have to admit though, no trick can beat the real stuff. Beating the odds against the do's and don'ts for wearing skinny jeans can be done by sheer determination.

I encourage you to walk more, jog more, run more. Do a little cardio at least 2-3 times a week. You'll be wearing skinny jeans with the utmost confidence, I tell you. Plus, you also get all the health benefits of exercise which includes healthier body, faster metabolism and the obvious physical radiance. Let's show those skinny jeans who's the boss!


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    • beingwell profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Bangkok

      Hi moonlake! I'm just starting to enjoy them!haha! You've had your fun with them, I suppose. hihih...

    • moonlake profile image


      5 years ago from America

      Skinny jeans have came around again. I'm way beyond skinny jeans wish I had the figure for them but I don't and I'm to old. I enjoyed reading your hub and voted up.


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