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How to Get Candy Colored Hair

Updated on May 2, 2015

Semi-permanent vs. Demi-permanent

Having colored hair can be such a fun and expressive experience. Vibrant colored hair dye comes in two variations: semi-permanent and demi-permanent . Semi-permanent doesn't require any ammonia for processing and doesn't penetrate the hair shaft. It's the least damaging of all the hair dyes but it fades quickly. It usually fades out after six to 12 shampoos. Semi-permanent hair dye coats the hair and essentially stains the hair with a beautiful shade of color.

Demi-permanent also doesn't contain ammonia but it does have a little bit of peroxide but it does not lighten the hair. The peroxide allows the hair shaft to open slightly so that the color is able to deposit on the hair. Demi-permanent is more intense hair color and lasts longer. Demi-permanent hair color lasts about 12 to 24 shampoos. Make sure to spot test a small area of hair dye on your hand to see if there are any allergies before applying color to your head.

Lighten Your Hair

The only way for color to be seen is by bleaching the hair prior to applying color. You have to be very careful in the bleaching process. Do not wash your hair before applying the bleach. You'll want to keep the natural oils in the hair as an added barrier of protection. Follow the directions on the box of bleach and do not over process by allowing the bleach to sit too long on the hair. Always wear gloves and apply the bleach/hair color with a tint brush.

You'll also want to apply a coat of vaseline near the hairline when bleaching or dying the hair to prevent staining or skin irritation. Some people opt to visit a professional hairstylist to get their hair bleached and dyed. If you are not confident in dying your own hair, then you should seriously consider investing money in a local salon.

Bleaching hair will open the hair shaft and strip it of color. Darker hair will lift to a bright orange and hair that is lighter will lift to a white shade. Once the hair is processed, you'll want to rinse out all of the bleach. The water will appear clear when the bleach is completely washed out. You'll want to condition the hair and let it air dry.


Color Time

Next comes the fun part! Coloring. Apply a liberal amount of hair dye all over your head. Follow the processing time for the hair dye on the bottle.

Once the hair dye has set on the hair for long enough, rinse out with relatively chill water. The colder you can stand the better. This allows the hair shaft to close and seals in the hair color. Make sure rinse thoroughly and resist the urge to condition immediately. Conditioner will rinse out the vibrant hair color you've just applied. Next towel dry your hair and use a blow dryer. Then again you might just like to have it naturally air dry. After all this is done, go outside and show off your beautiful hair! Expect to get stares and a lot of fans! Happy hair coloring!


Hairstyle and Color Ideas

Do you need some color inspiration? Check out the cool styles below! And if you're afraid of the commitment of bleach and hair coloring then you can always try wearing a colorful wig. Just remember to play around and see what works for you!

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How to Bleach Your Hair

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