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How to Get Last-Minute Deals on Jewelry

Updated on December 14, 2016

It’s a familiar scenario—you’ve got a gift-giving occasion like Christmas or Valentine’s Day coming up, and you haven’t had time to shop for that special piece of jewelry that you know would be the perfect present. The weeks you thought you had have suddenly turned into days, and you’re worried that you’re going to have to spend more than you planned. Don’t worry—it’s still possible to get a great deal on fine jewelry, even if you haven’t got much time left to buy.


You might be thinking that a retail sale is the first place you should look. After all, many department stores and chain jewelers reliably offer sales leading up to the major holidays, and if you’re willing to pick out a standard piece of jewelry in a typical design, you could probably find something there. However, it’s well known that jewelers typically mark their wares up steeply. This allows them to give “discounts” that make customers think they’re getting a bargain, when in reality those sales are just a marketing gimmick. You certainly won’t be able to find a piece of jewelry at less than its wholesale price.

On the other hand, if you want to find a unique piece at a truly below-market price, you should buy at auction. In particular, auctions that feature seized or confiscated goods offer some of the best deals you could hope to get, as the seller is not out to cover wholesale costs or fund the expenses of a retail operation. It’s not uncommon for auction shoppers to obtain fantastic pieces at a fraction of their appraised value.

You’ll also want to seek out a live online auction as opposed to a timed auction, such as you would see at websites like eBay. The advantage of this approach is that you don’t have to wait an extended period of time for the auction to close, with the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll get the item you want hanging over you until the end. When the live auction is held, you’ll know whether you were the winning bidder as soon as the lot is called.

There are live, premier auction sites that offers a wide selection of beautiful fine jewelry. Their auctions are held frequently, so you have multiple opportunities each week to find a true bargain. Best of all, your choices aren’t constrained by what a retail jeweler considers likely to sell at that moment. From diamond earrings and emerald necklaces to amethyst rings and tanzanite bracelets, the goods available at these auctions run the gamut from vintage to contemporary, with new items being added all the time.

Knowing the right place to shop for timely deals can help take the stress out of looking for jewelry. Register at today and check out the possibilities. Once you’ve seen how much you can save, you’ll wonder why you shopped anywhere else.


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