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How to Get Plumper Glossier Lips

Updated on April 12, 2013

If you want the perfect Hollywood pout and don't have one - using a lip plumper is the best way to try and achieve fuller lips without having to resort to invasive cosmetic solutions. None that I'm aware of will give you fabulously full lips but those featured here will at least give you a boost.

Many of them use irritants to plump up the lips. This may sound crazy but ... they do work. You apply what amounts to a shiny, light reflecting gloss or lip balm (another part of the plumping effect) and as it absorbs through the lip's surface - the lip's react by swelling up a little.

That may not be to everyone's taste but they're a harmless cosmetic and can and do create a fuller looking lip. For those that do wish to purchase a lip plumper that works - the five best are featured and reviewed below.

Buxom Buxom Lips

By far this is the best lip plumper - it works using hydration and an irritant that causes the lips to swell. You get lots of lovely moisturizing properties and a little tingle that promotes fuller, soft and luscious lips. It's highly rated as being the best - both as a lip enhancer and as a lip balm.

It's available in over 30 different shades - so there's one (or two) to suit everyone. It goes on by way of a lip gloss type wand and doesn't make the lips feel greasy or sticky. How much it will affect your lips is hard to say - most that use it are extremely happy with it and love the results. Lovely buxom lips - and on offer at a nice discount.

Sally Hansen Collagen Lip Lift - Sheer Peaceful Plum

This is not an instant lip plumper - it's designed to work over a period of a few days. It's a lovely soft color and to be honest - it's more of a moisturizer that it is a lip boosting product. After several days of use your lips will feel re-hydrated, soft and supple.

I'm not sure sure about the collagen side of things either. So far as I'm aware the only way to get collagen into the lips is to inject it in there - and that's not what we're looking for here. What this one does do is replace moisture, which leads to your lips looking better as they're in great condition. Still - it's a five star rated product so there's got to be something good about it for some users. Nice enough product - better with the first featured product ... or a lip balm.

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper

This one's more like a lip plumper lip gloss. The color behaves nearer to a gloss and whilst some find that it does affect the lips and boost them a little, others prefer it due to it's non-sticky sheer color that coats and protects the lips.

It's available in a range of colors so if this one isn't to your taste there are others - and you will find that it does a lovely job of making your lips look lush and deliciously soft. There seems to be some light reflection going on - a good way of creating a fuller looking lip - and if you want a plumper that may work for you but definitely does work and feel like a quality product, give it a try.

FusionBeauty LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump Color Shine

Another best selling lip plumper - that has very mixed reviews. For me - I like it. Will it work for you? Not sure. More users have found it does work than it doesn't. Of those that don't feel they've experienced any real difference, most still value it's ability to moisturize and improve the look of the lips overall.

It's available in a wide variety of shades and acts and looks like a lip gloss. You do get a tingle (I definitely did) but nothing unpleasant, more revitalizing if anything. It leaves the lips supple and with a lovely dewy look to them. Most should experience a small difference to the fullness of their lips - not the cheapest product but you do get a good amount in the bottle.

FusionBeauty LipFusion LipFusion Minis Collection 1 set

This is a mini lip plumper collection - manufactured by the same company as the previous product. I figured if you're going to give the brand a go, buy the cheaper set as this way you get six mini lip boosters in a range of colors - for less money.

The color selection will suit just about everyone - and there's one clear Color Shine that will work under or over a normal lipstick. The product works similar to the first one - hydration and irritation so you should notice some added fullness to the lips. Otherwise a lovely mini collection of lip loving products that will leave you with soft kissable lips for hours at a time.


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