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How to Get Rid of Acne Easily and Painlessly - Homemade Pimple and Zit Solutions

Updated on November 8, 2009

Acne is a skin condition that involves painful, inflamed areas on the face, neck and back. It is most common in teens and usually clears up with adulthood. Associated with acne are pimples, blemishes, irritation and redness. Acne is unappealing and embarrassing, however there are treatments to treat and prevent acne breakouts that you can make at home. These are extremely effective natural remedies for acne and blemishes, using ingredients you can find in the house or buy cheaply.

Sea Salt Spot Treatment

You Will Need:

  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • A few drops of water

Mix your sea salt and just a few drops of water in a small bowl or container, making sure that all the sea salt does not dissolve and you have a thick paste. Apply to any zits or blemishes on your face and leave for around 30 minutes. Repeat daily to find reduced redness and healthier looking skin.

Lemon and Cinnamon Solution

You Will Need:

  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon

Mix the ingredients together in a small bowl or container and apply to any zits or pimples on your face. Rinse off once dry and repeat daily. 

Other quick and easy remedies include:

  • Papaya juice
  • Crushed garlic cloves
  • White vinegar
  • Toothpaste

You should also remember that to keep your skin looking healthy and prevent breakouts from occurring, you should drink plenty of water - 8 glasses a day is recommended. Washing your face with dissolved aspirin or lemon juice will also help, as well as leaving a blended cucumber mask on your face for half an hour.

While experiencing a break out, one of the worst things to do is squeeze or touch your face. Hair should also be tied back to prevent extra oil from your hair reaching your face, and complicating things much further. 

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    • profile image

      Valerie 3 years ago

      Thank you this is so helpful. I woke up and my face broke out badly over night. I also been trying the honey treatment twice a day. I already see that my acne scars are starting to fade. But I will be trying these good treatment as well: )

    • profile image

      Allison 7 years ago

      I am 9 years old and have LOTS of acne( going through puberty was NOT what I expected). This really helped. Thanks!

    • Etherealenigma profile image

      Sandra M. Urquhart 7 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for this. My son also is having a rough time with this, but he doesn't care about it. I do. I can't stand how horrible it makes his skin look. I will definitely try this. You are da bomb, sista!

    • profile image

      Clear Skin Acne Treatments 7 years ago

      This is such an amazing article! I voted you up!

    • profile image

      lyricsingray 8 years ago

      I think I love you. I am printing this right now for my step son who is suffering terribly from teen acne, then me suddenly are 43 a starting to get pimples for the first time in my life. So glad I came by, thank you, Kimberly