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How to Have Nice Nails

Updated on May 25, 2015

Nice Nails, Lucky for some!

Getting perfect nails is not as easy as it sounds and I am sure that many of you have tried it and failed. Some women are just blessed with naturally strong and beautiful nails that they can grow as long as they want without them breaking. So how do the rest of us achieve nice nails without spending at nail salons?

Have you seen the adverts and celebrities with bold coloured, long and strong nails that just seem unrealistic? Well, they probably are faking it and that does not have to be how it is ladies, you can have nice nails without using falsies too!

There are a few ways to get our nails looking good and ready for hand modelling but you do need to learn to take care of yourself from the inside.

Nails like everything else has to be looked after and treated well in order for them to grow and for us to get the best out of it.

Think before you use your nails for biting or using them as a tool.

I take care of my nails and I am proud to say that they are strong and never look beaten even though I do housework like washing the dishes and cleaning with harsh chemicals.

My secret is that I ensure that my nails are left to breathe and I only put nail polish on when I know I am going out. I never use my nails as a tool and I always make sure that I cut them regularly as well as file them gently.

I have never had my teeth anywhere near my nails and I always make sure that I moisturize after using hard chemicals.

Stop Biting Your Nails

Yes, I am talking to you and if you are one of the guilty that bite and chew your nails still questioning why they don't look good then this is a major reason why.

Don't bite your nails because you are tearing them off and making them weaker.

The saliva from your mouth makes the nail softer leaving them to easily break.

If you can't stop biting your nails then you need to find a product to put onto them to keep you from chewing away.

Biting your nails also makes your hand look extremely unattractive and the growth pattern changes which will make it hard for them to grow harder and it will take longer to get them grown.

Once you are able to stop the biting then your nails will be allowed time to grow and this is when you should leave to do so until they are at a good length.

Stop Biting Your Nails!

Avoid Using Your Nails to Work

Hard labour and using your nails as a tool is a definite no and you should consider that before you decide to open up a can or use them to scrape off a sticker.

Avoid chemicals too and if you need to clean the house then you need to invest in gloves to avoid direct contact with chemicals and you also need to invest in a good nail and hand moisture cream so that once you are done with the dishes, you can massage your nails and hands.

Keeping them healthy and taking care of them is a mind set and you need to program yourself to automatically do this after you have put them through manual labour.

Sometimes it is really difficult to avoid using your hands as tools and we are often in such a hurry that we forget to put on gloves but you need to remember to do this so that you can protect your nails like you would anything else.

It is a part of you and of you want them to be strong and look good then you will have to do the maintenance.

Take Care of Your Nails

Nail polish looks good but it also stops your nails from breathing and if you leave it on for too long, nails begin to go off colour and you will notice yellowish nails that are weak and brittle. Never keep your nail polish on for too long and allow them time to breathe.

You should also avoid using polish remover often as this is also harsh on your nails and forget about scraping the polish off with your nails as this is devastating to their strength.

Acetone is very strong and hard on the nails and you should look for nail polishes that are water based or find yourself stick on polish.

Salons are also very bad for your nails with all the harsh fashion trends to follow. False nails and gel can damage your nails as they weaken the nail when you need to have them removed.

Avoid the falsies and the only time you should be going into a salon is to have a manicure.

Manicures are also to be done with caution as you need to be gentle as well as filing in the right direction. This too can damage your nails if it is not done correctly.

Keeping your nails long and then cutting them, filing and allowing them to grow again, will make them stronger each time.

Eat Your Way to Healthy Nails

Nutrition is important with everything in our bodies. For your hair, skin, teeth and nails, eating healthy can make all the difference.

Dry, discoloured and broken nails can be prevented with eating healthy foods that contain vitamins and minerals in them.

Eat Spinach, beans and protein to keep your nails strong and healthy.

Nuts, fish and eggs are strong sources of vitamin B, which is rich in Biotin, making your nails healthy.

Zinc and vitamin C can be eaten or you can get a multi vitamin to do it for you and don't forget the Calcium, if you can't drink a glass of milk or eat some cheese then add that to your vitamin intake.

Omega is also extremely good for you both inside and out and this is something that can be found in fish.

An old and simple way to get your nails to grow hard and strong is to eat gelatine or use creams with that in it.

Jelly will help your nails get strong and healthy too!

Celebrity Nails

You too can have celebrity nails that are real instead of fake
You too can have celebrity nails that are real instead of fake

Do you wear false nails?

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Celebrity Nails

Your nails can look like those that the celebrities flash around and the best part is that they can be real. No false nails needed if you take care of yourself from the inside out.

Don't bite your nails, moisturise and avoid strong chemicals as well as leaving them open to breathe, which means keeping the nail polish off for a little while.

Avoid using your nails as a tool, use gloves to clean and try to find water based polish instead of the harsh chemicals to avoid them from getting discoloured.

Celebrity nails can be achieved if you take care of your nails with these easy steps.

Nail Care

Get Stronger Nails

To get your nails to be stronger and grow you need to avoid biting them like they are your lunch....stop biting your nails altogether!

Ensure that you cut them regularly and when you file them make sure that you know what you are doing because if you file the wrong way, you could damage the nails, which will stop them from growing.

Get yourself a cream that moisturizes the nails and hardens them, a good one can be found in any pharmacy or toiletry store.

Avoid putting your nails into harsh chemicals and wear gloves when you have to wash the dishes or clean toilets.

Never get false nails and do not peel or scrape off nail polish.

Keep your nails free from Acetone often to avoid them from going brittle and discoloured.

Eat healthy foods and every now and again eat jelly as this has gelatine in it which is good for the nails.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 2 years ago from South Africa

      Thank you I am proud of my nails and must say I never bit them, always kept them short at school and hardly used nail polish. I do wash dishes and housework is all me but I make sure I take care of them, the one thing that I look after the best.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Wow! Your nails probably sing your praises. Thanks for sharing these valuable habits we all need to practice. The eating bit I will definitely adhere to. Voted Up!