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How to Get Tickets to Fashion Week

Updated on July 29, 2015

About Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is a semi-annual event held in major cities throughout the world. There are shows in Paris, London, and Milan, as well as 2 shows held in New York City. The New York City shows are in February and September each year and have traditionally been held in Bryant Park or Lincoln Center. Many designers hold fashion shows to display their latest collections. Fashion shows are attended by journalists, editors, buyers, stylists, and celebrities. The Fashion Week shows are usually just invitation-only and each fashion designer is responsible for the guest list. If you are not in the fashion circle, it is still possible to get tickets to a show, but it is difficult. Below are some ways that I've found to get tickets.

Hotel Package

The brand "W Hotels" through the Starwood Hotels line offers a "Catwalk Package" around Fashion Week time which includes 2 VIP passes to one runway show. Passes in the past have been provided for designers such as Miss Sixty and Tracy Reece and the packages have started at $799. The earlier you book, the better range of designers you'll have to choose from.

The Carlyle, a Rosewood Hotel, located overlooking Central Park, has also offered packages that have included tickets to Fashion Week in the past.

American Express

American Express typically offers packages and special shows to its cardholders. This seems to be the most reliable way for non-fashion insiders to get tickets to shows. In past years, American Express has offered cardholders tickets to designers such as Michael Kors, Vera Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg and Tommy Hilfiger. Within a month or two of the Fashion Shows, tickets can be found and purchased through their Entertainment section of their website. If you are interested in obtaining tickets in this way and don't already have an American Express Credit Card, I would recommend getting your card several months in advance of the show and speaking to their Customer Service reps to make sure that everything is setup properly in order to obtain Fashion Week tickets.



In the past, some fashion shows have sold tickets through Ticketmaster to get the traffic needed for an event. This is sometimes the case when a show is helping to raise money for something. For example, in 2010 Naomi Campbell's runway show for Haiti sold tickets for around $100 through Ticketmaster. Perform a search for "fashion shows" on the site when a Fashion Week is coming up.

Win Tickets through a Drawing or Contest

This is certainly a long shot, but there is always the chance that you can win tickets to a runway show for Fashion Week. Within a month or two of Fashion Week, start checking on your favorite designer's websites and Facebook pages to see if they are offering any contests to win tickets. Marc Jacobs has held contests in the past through his website for winning tickets. CoverGirl and Polyvore have also offered promotions in the past to win tickets. When a fashion show is approaching, I would recommend typing in "Win tickets to fashion week" into your search engine to see if there are additional promotions available.

Contact a Designer

This is probably as much of a long shot as a contest, but you can always try to reach out to representatives of Designers that will be having fashion shows. You can find contact info through the Designer's website and submit your plea for why you deserve tickets. I would advise putting together some statistics for why it would be beneficial for you to attend the show. If you are a fashion blogger, hubber, reviewer or author and know that your webpages pull in a certain amount of views, that could be reason enough to get tickets to write up the fashion show. It is certainly worth a try. In addition, if you If you have press credentials, you can apply through the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website to cover the events.


This is probably only a feasible solution if you live in the area where the fashion show is being held. However, you can volunteer through IMG that runs the event to gain access to the shows. Spots are competitive, so you will want to sign up well in advance of the show. Volunteer positions include:

  • Runway Venue Preparation and Setup
  • Designer Guest Ushers
  • Backstage Assistance and Set Up
  • Assemble Gift Bags and Press Kits
  • Help maintain the main event Information Desk
  • Assist in the Volunteer Center
  • Various other tasks for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Staff

To gain a position, they request that you email your resume and cover letter to:

Thoughts and Suggestions

This year I wanted to do something very special for my sister's 30th birthday. Knowing how much she loves fashion, I thought it would be a great experience to take her to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and attend a couple of runway shows. When I went about finding tickets I had a rough time and spent a long time researching. The methods mentioned in this article are ways that I compiled on my search for tickets. Please provide comments and add any other methods that you know of in the comments section below.


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