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How to Get Zac Efron Hair Style

Updated on June 19, 2013
Zac Efron crew cut.
Zac Efron crew cut.

Zac Efron is among the most admired young men in Hollywood. Zac is an amazing actor and has a shinny and stunning look. His most outstanding feature is his hair. He has a set back hair style with a flimsy and layered cut. He has managed to appear very stylish, modern and glamorous in the red carpets and movies as well.

Zac has managed to have fun with his hair and come up with diverse stylish looks. Many individuals have tried to emulate his hairdo making him a big fashion star and a role model for many people. He has maintained a dark blonde or brown hair color. Frequently, he keeps his hair medium sized. Some of the most fashionable hairdos Zac put on includes; bob, shaggy and messy styles. For a mature look he wears the wet look, wavy and the pinky hairstyle.

Zac is very intelligent in selecting hairstyles as they have achieved in providing him with a grown-up look. When it comes to short hair styles, Zac has dressed the short spiky and the crew cut hairstyle. Expert hair stylists apply a unique layering technique to style his hair simply. The crew cut is the easiest hairstyle of him to achieve. You only need your barber to clipper-cut the sides & back very short while leaving the top a little longer like in a military. Here are some tips on how to acquire a Zac Efron hair style.

Zac Efron Shaggy with Bangs

  1. Your hair must be at least chin long and clean. Comb all tangles before cutting. To obtain Zac's cut, make sure the bangs are under the eye to begin. Working with hair that is longer than shoulder will need a heavy-duty scissors due to the additional mass of the hair.
  2. Cut the hair using scissors consistently beside the nape of the neck first. Utilize your fingers to grip the ends in position. Cut 2-inches from the head bottom. The original cut will determine the total extent up to the head back. After cutting the first piece, apply it as a lead for the remaining back part of the head.
  3. Using a razor to slant sever the bangs in front. Ensure that the hair is separated so as it lies on the left side. Start your cut on that position. Take a ruler to determine 3cm up starting from the core of the eye on the left side. Keep on shading downwards using the razor. Never mind even if the covering is a bit uneven, it helps the look appear relaxed.
  4. The next step is to razor 5 inches on the head top and the remainder at an angle to create a natural cut. The best way to create a nice look is to clutch a thick enough part like 3 inches wide and cut across at a slanting angle. Position the razor so as to cut less as you get closer to the back side of the head.
  5. Apply hair gel and comb using a perfect comb to disentangle Maintain your hair separated to the left so as the bangs look like Zac's bangs. You may include your own panache by tousling your hair using your hands when you are styling it. You now have a fascinating and stunning Zac Efron hair style look, it's that simple.

Zac Efron Textured Spike

To get the spiky hair, you need a styling wax, hairdryer, and hairspray. Make sure you have the required hair by asking your barber to taper the sides and back of your hair, trim the top in four inches length. Before style the hair, wash and towel dry your hair first. Begin with a damp clean hair. Rub a small amount of hair wax in your hands, then apply it to your hair. Scrunch your hair using your hand to create the texture. Then, blow dry your hair from the roots to the ends to make the hair stand up. You can direct the hair to the left or to the sides. When you achieve the desired style, lock it with some spritz of hairspray.

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