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How to Groom a Beard for Winter

Updated on October 27, 2016


Freezing temperatures and lashing gusts can take a toll on faces that are bare. Instead of persevering during the harsh winter, why not use it as an excuse to grow some facial hair? Numerous animals grow new hair during wintertime to cope with the nippy conditions so why not you? Could the problem be in how to groom a beard?

If that is the issue, here is how to groom a beard for winter.

The Snide comments

Most people love to begin the cold season with an abundance of warm sweaters. For men, the perfect complement to a warm sweater is a comfy winter beard.

What gets in the way of menfolk who desire to grow a beard during winter are some few aspects.

The anticipation of the not so kind comments that will be coming forth from family and friends alike can be the greatest hindrance to how to groom a beard for the winter. You should be ready and prepared for remarks such as “You have let yourself go” and “you drank too much to drink last night and forgot to shave.”

You ought to arm yourself with responses such as “The winter will be nippy, thought I should beard up a little.” Remember that it is your choice and your face too regardless of what people may say.

Beard in Winter

Get Your Arsenal of 'How to Groom A Beard' Tools Ready

The experts in beard grooming will tell you that you should put away your razor for at least two weeks and let your beard grow without any interference when beginning to grow your mane. However, when those are over, you do need to be armed with a good set of grooming tools.

The most essential are an excellent beard trimmer and a comb together with a good trimming scissors. The scissors will help you trim those stray flyaway hairs, and the tweezers will help you with the unavoidable ingrown hairs.

Beard grooming tools

Using a Beard Oil

Beard oil is indispensable. If you choose not to employ the utilization of a beard oil in your daily regimen, your beard will become dry and itch like hell. To keep this at bay, the best routine is one that involves washing and the application of a beard oil while the pores of the skin are still open. The itchiest stage is when the beard is just beginning to grow out so dig in your heels and persevere.

Beard oil

Maintain A Healthy Diet.

For your body to work at optimal planes, you need a daily intake of healthy balanced meals. Your beard is no different. Eat hearty meals. Also, limit your intake of alcohol and instead increase the amount of water that you drink.

This routine will greatly enhance your whiskers in the winter. Also, taking supplements such as omega three fatty acids will not only improve the vitality of your skin but also of your facial hair.

Similarly, your facial hair will benefit from other healthy lifestyle choices such as a daily intake of fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, and enough sleep. The truth be told, you need to use the skills of how to groom a beard in the winter as a ticket to a better life. There is no other trick to use to quickly grow your anticipated winter beard apart from genetic modifications! Of course, you can choose the proper lifestyle route.

Beard diet

How to Grow beards for Winter

Use beard trimmers and scissors to groom your beard
Removes in-grown hairs
Start using beard when the beards are still short
Removes itchiness and treats the skin
Maintain a healthy diet
Strong and healthy beards
Wash your beards
Keeps the skin soft always
Trim your neck
Nice looking neckline


Wash Your Beard

A stunning beard grows out of healthy skin. You should, therefore, wash your skin and beard with a great beard wash or soap. You will agree that winter and in particular holidays provide many opportunities for your facial mane to get dirty. With all the possibilities to eat and drink, you will need to wash your beard at least every other day.

Kick the low quality soaps out as they make your beard dry and irritable. You want beard wash that is enriched with Argan, coconut, jojoba or any other organic oil. These oils are especially useful during the winter months when skin and hair may dry out.

When you are washing, ensure that the lather is worked deep into the skin. It will be a guarantee that your skin is in top condition as well as your beard. Washing your beard every other day will keep it soft and keep the dryness at arm’s length.


Conditioning is an essential step in how to groom beard. After washing your beard, we recommend that you condition it with a deep conditioning oil. Your beard will be super soft and moisturized and will have an added sheen to it throughout the day.


When does your beard grow faster?

See results

Trim Your Neck

You want to continue looking fabulous even as you cultivate your beard. This should be done by avoiding growth of the beard in the neck region. Be cautious so as not to overly shave the neck and cut off the growth that you have obtained.

Shape the area that is between your neck and head, one inch directly above your Adam’s apple. It is an excellent way to let people know that you are serious about your grooming.

Embrace and Love Your Mane

Menfolk may be discouraged by the strange growing habits of their beards or the poor growth of the same. You may have envisioned what you want your beard to look like, but when it grows out, it may look nothing like what you had projected.

You should not be disheartened. There are a million ways to style your beard, and when you are finished, your beard will still look smashing.

So you now have no excuse whatsoever not to groom your beard in the winter. You now know how to groom a beard, and the knowledge will go a long way in keeping your winter mane fabulous.


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