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How to Grow A Full Manly Beard Fast: 3 Easy Steps

Updated on March 11, 2014

Easy to Follow Instructions How to Grow your Facial Hair

A face warmer, sign of sheer masculinity, a downright attractive accessory for your face – beards serve multiple purposes. You know the kind of man you are, but you want to share it with the world. A rugged yet cozy looking face sweater is the perfect way to make a statement that proves your manhood while adding to your natural allure. However, make sure you do it right!

1. Decide when and commit

One of the trickiest parts about beginning on your bearded journey is deciding when to set sail. In the beginning, it may look scruffy, patchy, furry… but don’t give up! Decide when the time is right to allow yourself to look as though you’ve let go of your appearances for a week or so. While it can be nerve-racking and put a damper on your self-confidence to go without shaving for a few days, just think of the new found respect all your fellow men will have of you when you unveil your new look in just a couple short weeks.

Choose when the time is right and make the commitment to yourself to let those man hairs sprout freely. This stage should take anywhere from 2-6 weeks, depending on the person. Some good times of the year include the dead of winter when your face could use a personal jacket or while on vacation where nobody knows you anyways.

2. Pick a style of Beard

Alright, your face is starting to look warm and fuzzy but lacking in the styling department. It’s time for some facial landscaping!

You are now about to choose your beard’s destiny and pick a design for your facial foliage. Some options include the neatly groomed stubble look, the full beard, the forever respected goatee, the all-over scruff, the goat patch and the chin strap. Make sure you do your research at this point in your bearded career. There are websites available such as that allow you to upload a photo without registering at all and edit your face to see how different styles suit you personally.

3. Beautify that beard!

You now have an attractively hairy face and a new look in mind. It is time to unleash the bearded dragon within!

Before you begin, remember that when shaving or trimming a beard, it is important to make sure your skin is soft (for example, after stepping out of the shower), that you lather with shaving cream and that afterwards you remember to apply aftershave. These steps will help prevent any knicks, uneven shaves and razor burn or bumps that can appear after shaving.

Keeping your new style in mind, you need to define the cheek line and neck line of your beard. The neck line should look like it follows your regular sideburns, while also creating a visual line that starts at your earlobe and goes down around your neck to reach the other earlobe. The cheek line is extremely important as it can really change the look of your beard. For this, decide if you want your beard to look au natural, resulting in a scruffy high-set line, defined, or lower-cut. Be careful at this stage as many men make the common mistakes of cutting their cheek line too low or their neck line too high, resulting in strange looking man whiskers.

Now, find a picture that inspires your shaving artistry and get to work on shaping that beard! Voila, you are done – congratulations on your new manly look! Once complete, keep that bad boy groomed to perfection.

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