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Top Ten ways to Grow Your Hair Longer

Updated on December 13, 2014
I took this picture of my Daughter Sasha Gaines
I took this picture of my Daughter Sasha Gaines | Source

Have you decided to grow your hair out? For my family, we have been able to grow our hair out pretty easy, but I had a mom who was a beautician and my father was a barber. I wrote this hub because long hair is becoming more popular and many people have a hard time growing their hair. Sometimes it can be frustrating and difficult. In this hub, I will give you some do's and don't for growing your hair out.

Essentials: Wash you hair every other day that way you get some natural oils going for you. After you shampoo, when drying your hair, wring out excess water in the shower, Then gently blot dry your hair with a towel. You do not want to tangle it more by rubbing the towel all over like drying a wet dog.

1. Traction Alopecia, It is a known fact that a sure way to lose your hair is constricting the hair in tight ponytails and tight braids. Give your hair a break and let your hair down for a few days. If you have to wear your hair up at work be sure to let your hair down at night and on your off days too.

2. Brushing you hair keeps the natural oils going, start at the bottom and work your way up so you don't pull hair out. Grab your hair at the base and brush like you are making a ponytail so you won't pull the hair out of the scalp. I like to use a natural hair or boar hair brush too. brush 3 times a day but not more.


3. Massage the scalp, massage can get the circulation going and more hair to grow. The American Medical association recommends 5 minutes of scalp massage for balding Men in the morning and at night, so it could help with anyone really.

4. Give your hair a warm oil treatment, the oil does not have to be hot you do not want to burn the scalp. Coconut oil protects your hair from damage, it has properties that gives 20% UV protection. You can apply it on the hair and wear for several hours, or for minimum of 30 minutes.

5. Do not blow dry your hair it helps with dying out hair and split ends. If you must use a blow dryer, use it on low heat and move it around. Do not use metal brushes as they can pull hair out and get too hot.

Caring for Dry and Damaged Hair

6. Egg Whites have been known to help hair growth and give it shine. Apply cracked egg and massage into the hair allow to set for about 10 minutes and wash out. I used to use this and my hair was so shiny!

7 Get your hair ends trimmed every 6 weeks, it stimulates the hair to keep growing and keeps the hair healthy. The biggest mistake many people make is to grow their hair out and not cut it, many times it can become thin or stop growing, I know it almost sounds like an oxymoron but its true. In order to grow your hair out longer and thicker you need to trim it!

8. Your hair can get dry not only from weather but from not drinking enough water daily too. keep up your 8 glasses of water a day.

9. Take Vitamins your body needs vitamins B, A,C for hair growth and Vitamins E and k a re helpful too.

10. Avoid hair styling products for a while, coating the hair and teasing the hair is not good while trying to grow hair out... use all natural products. No perms or Hair coloring during this grow out time as well.

For African Americans use natural lavender oils and satin scarves this will promote hair growth by 44 percent.

Jack Sparrow ~ Men's Long Hair


Long Hair For Men

For Men, growing long hair can get tricky especially since the pores can get clogged around the face when hair hangs down. Be sure to cleanse your face two times a day and pull your hair back behind your ears when growing out. You can wear hats to help keep you hair back off of your face. The 80's small ponytail works too, make sure you keep it low and close to the neck instead of pulling it it up like a Womans ponytail.


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  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

    Very professional help offered here. Some of these tips are good for my hair which is a different type to yours. Thank you very much.