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How to Grow Healthy Hair Fast

Updated on August 29, 2014

If you received a bad haircut or you just want to grow your hair out, you might be eager to find out what the secret is to grow long, luxurious, healthy hair. Hair grows approximately 7-9 inches a singleyear. Some people's hair grows at a slower rate for a few reasons, such as genetics, nutrition, damage from hair dyes and hot styling tools

If you follow these tips, you could grow you hair approximately 10- 13 inches a year. It's not a dramatic increase in hair length, but the inches do add up, especially over the span of years. Good luck!

1. Only Wash You Hair Every Other Day.

If you wash your hair every day, you are stripping the hair of the natural oils that is released from the hair on the scalp. Natural oils on the scalp are the body's way of conditioning the hair to make it long and health.

One of the reason why the scalp conditions hair is because millions of years ago, through natural selection, the men chose women who had long lustrous hair over the women who had less than desirable hair because healthy hair was a sign of fertility. Hair is a type of fiber, and just like a wool sweater. Washing a wool sweater every day would severely damage it, and the same is true about hair.

2. Use a Deep Hair Masque 3x a Week.

When you do be your hair, use a deep hair masque. There are multiply homemade masks you can make, the recipe will be provided later in the article. My favorite hair mask is Biology.

I have a friend who goes to a beauty store and buys hair masks that contain placenta. Whose placenta, whether it was human or animals I don't know. She swears by it that it makes her hair grow an extra 1/2 inch per month.

3. Try Not To Stress.

Life is very stressful, especially after a death, break-up, or during financial problems. Sometimes there is very little we can do about stress, but if you have it in within your capability to relieve some of the tensions, you should. Stress can cause stunted hair growth, and it could even fall out. You might not even experience hair problems until months after the stressful situation. If you are under a great deal of stress, you could take up meditation, go to counseling, or even talk to a friend. Hot bubble baths are my favorite and very relaxing.

4. Air-Dry Your Hair, Don't Use a Blow Dryer.

Blow dryers can be devastating on hair because it is completely dries and strips the hair follicle of all natural oils. The best thing you can do is air dry your hair. If you absolutely have to blow dry hair set it on the lowest heat setting and use a leave in conditioner. If you do not have leave in conditioner, you can use a dime size amount of normal conditioner focusing on the tips of the hair because that is the area that dries out first.


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    • profile image

      hawaiihibou 3 years ago


      is it Nisim shampoo? It's so expensive. I think I'll go with baby shampoo and eat hair growth friendly foods like: sorry can't have urls here

      but a little research brings you hair friendly hair-came to a site that says shampooing is not enough. Well I'm changing my diet to keep healthy too so I'll have more hair soon. Wish you luck too for hair growth!

    • Alli Rose profile image

      Alli Rose Smith 3 years ago from Washington, DC

      I just bought this shampoo and conditioner called Nism, and the review say your hair an inch.

    • profile image

      hawaiihibou 3 years ago

      My hair is baby fine too and I always look for ways to thicken it. I found this article. I read baby shampoo will increase hair on scalp. Here I go again hoping for more hair! At least Walmart has the cheapest baby shampoo I ever found!

    • profile image

      Rayne123 3 years ago

      Hi there how are you

      I love this hub, thank you, I love stuff on hair growing and what not.

      You have some good ideas. My hair is very fine (use to be thicker) maybe age not sure, however it also grows slow and I need to try some ideas so thank you


    • profile image

      hawaiihibou 3 years ago

      Thanks for everything!