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How to Grow Your Salon Business With Digital Signage?

Updated on November 5, 2017
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Beauty Media TV is the leader of in-salon marketing via digital media.

Grow Your Salon Business With Digital Signage

Digital signage is a bright and exciting marketing tool. Our digital tools can easily turn any television into a digital billboard within your salon. You can use this to attract clients and encourage sales in many ways. We have put together five distinct ways that a digital sign could help you build your salon business too.

  • It is eye-catching – First and foremost, digital signs are attention grabbers. No matter what the message, you can be sure people will take notice due to the movement of the text and the bright lights that make up the sign.
  • Capitalize on holidays and events – Since you can easily change the message on a digital sign, you can build your marketing plan around current events, holidays, and community happenings.
  • Provide valuable information – In addition to advertising your salon, you can provide relevant information, such as time, temperature, and news. When you do this, consumers will have something to tune in to while they sit and wait for service.
  • You can show support – As a business owner, you may want to support community events or local teams. Your digital sign is a great way to throw some support towards a local cause—potentially increasing your reach.
  • Advertise a sale anytime – If you find yourself with some free time or too much of a certain product in stock, it’s easy to change your message to display a sale—anytime!

A digital sign is a tool to help you attract clients. However, the success you will have with this sign varies depending on how you decide to use it. For the best results, you can take advantage of a television that currently remains silent or that simply loops boring talk shows all day. Then, you'll be displaying your messages to clients as they wait for services. When you utilize it properly, you can grow your business with digital signage--as it will become one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal

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