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How to Grow a Corporate Beard

Updated on October 27, 2016


Have you been thinking of growing a corporate beard to match your corporate image? It is common knowledge that beards are making a strong comeback for men. That makes it inevitable that soon rather than later, the corporate man will also desire his corporate beard to accompany him on official business.

As a man in the business world, you know that your looks matter a lot not only in regards to you but to the image that you project about your business place. So, if you are planning to grow a corporate beard, it has got to stand out. Truth be told, some employers may be a bit lax with facial hair and may not make a big deal out of it.

However, it will be difficult to find an organization which will entertain an unruly beard in the corporate arena. The question consequently remains: How do you get to grow a corporate beard without the guys in upper management asking you to “clean up your image?” Here are a few indicators to help you grow facial hair without your office community thinking that you have let yourself go.

This is how to grow a corporate beard in the corporate world:

Know your industry

Do you want some unsolicited career advice? Here it comes. Look at the male leaders in your organization. Do any of them keep a beard? Your leaders assume that you know how to epitomize your organization’s brand.

For that reason, we recommend that you imitate your leaders in dress and also in how they act in regards to their beards. If most keep a corporate beard go ahead and indulge yourself. This will, without a doubt, enhance your career growth.

Short beard style

The Neck Hair Has To Go

If you are going to keep a beard and go to the office with it, we recommend that you go with a cleaner look. While we acknowledge that there are various styles of beards, you must know that the surest way to look like a scruffy idiot is to allow your neck hair to grow.

The “index finger rule,” articulates Bret Reichley of New York’s F.S.C. Barber should guide you. “Place your finger directly under your chin and shave everything beneath it. When you stare eye-level into the mirror, you should see zero neck hair.” No one wants to see how your beard hair connects to the hair on your chest. That is a definite no and would be disastrous for you and your company.

Beard trimming

Neck hair
Neck hair

The Lines on Your Cheeks Must Be Cleaned

There is a look that comes with not shaving above your beard. It looks smashing on you only if you are trying to look like a cowboy but not if you seek to be a successful office executive. It appears disheveled and will draw the wrong kind of attention to you. You need to maintain some form of line on the upper areas of your beard and more so on your sideburns. It is then clear to all that you are taking care of your beard by grooming.

Beard grooming

Your Stubble Can Cause You Trouble

In some very conservative circles, your stubble can be seen as “I had a rough night and forgot to shave.” For a proper beard to grow, you have to keep off the razor for between four to six weeks. You may look disheveled for a while so to avoid the uncomfortable stage of growing a beard and getting it to the presentable phase, consider growing facial hair during vacations or holidays.

beard grooming

Tips; How to grow a corporate beard

Shave your neck
Neck hair may not be acceptable in some organisations.
Shave your stubble
A stubble may send mixed signals to your boss. For example it may be taken that you do not prioritize grooming
Know your industry
Helps you know the dos and donts as partains beard styles in your work place
A morning shave
A morning shave

Your Daily Care Routines Are Essential For A Healthy Corporate Beard

Many men tend to think that since they have a beard, they do not have to worry about their faces. That could not be further from the truth. Every morning, you should moisturize your beard to condition it and to help alleviate itchiness. Also, hydrate your skin and protect it.

Wash Your Facial Hair

We know that you would never consider going for months without washing your hair. That should apply to your beard too before the stench, and disheveled look of your beard pushes your boss to call you into the conference room to talk about your appearance. We would recommend that you shampoo and condition regularly.


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Keep Your Grooming Elegant And Outfits Striking

You want to be exceptional in your grooming and dressing seeing that maintaining a corporate beard is still frowned upon in the business world. This is the only effective method of keeping your bosses off your neck. Having and keeping facial hair is not a license to be lazy and unkempt.

Dress at the best level that is conceivable for your work and lifestyle, and you will have no problems. In fact, the only foreseeable problems could be of the fairer sex as they may be attracted to a man who is always impeccable and to cap it off spots a beard.


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