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How to Have Moist, Lush Lips

Updated on February 19, 2013

Luscious Lips

How to Have Moist, Lush Lips.
How to Have Moist, Lush Lips. | Source

Sexy Lips

lips are a major erogenous zone of the body.
lips are a major erogenous zone of the body. | Source

Lush Lips ~

Our lips are one of the most defining features on our face and should be treated with a bit of care and attention.

Regardless of whether you consider your lips to be small, thin, big or thick they are all a facial feature that enhances our natural beauty.

Having luscious lips has seen many a trip to the cosmetic surgeon for lip enhancement through lip augmentation, lip fillers or even a lip lift. There are however, some everyday tips, easy to make products and inexpensive lip cosmetics which will certainly make a difference to your lips.

By following these quick and easy beauty tips you will have smoother, softer, moist lush lips that will enhance their natural radiance. First let’s take a look at some reasons why lips are important and why we have them.

Sophia Loren has Lush Lips

Italian beauty Sophia Loren has what many may classify as the perfect lips.
Italian beauty Sophia Loren has what many may classify as the perfect lips. | Source

Angelina Jolie Sports Hot Lips

another pair of gorgeous lush lips belongs to actress Angelina Jolie.
another pair of gorgeous lush lips belongs to actress Angelina Jolie. | Source

Lips Info ~

  • Lips are classed as a visible organ.
  • Lips have their own muscles and bordering muscles.
  • Found on the mouth of most humans and animals.
  • Both lips are movable, protrude on the face and are soft to the touch.
  • Lips are needed for eating functions such as holding food, enabling food to pass into the mouth and lips may also be closed to prevent unwanted objects passing through them.
  • Babies need lips to breast feed.
  • Lips contain nerve endings.
  • Lips are of the major tactile sensory organs (touch).
  • Lips are extremely reactive and sensitive to touch, heat and cold.
  • Lips are important for forming speech and creating different sounds.
  • Whistling is possible.
  • Playing wind instruments such as the clarinet flute and trumpet.
  • Lips show facial expressions such as smiling, pouting and pursed lips.
  • They are a major Erogenous Zones.
  • Lips play an important role in kissing.
  • Lips are a visible sign of fertility. Fuller lips on a woman may be a sign of higher levels of the hormone Estrogen.

Sugar Lips

brown sugar works best for lip scrubs, lip.
brown sugar works best for lip scrubs, lip. | Source

Olive Oil for Skin

one of the best all round beauty treatments and it is in in our kitchens.
one of the best all round beauty treatments and it is in in our kitchens. | Source

Exfoliate the Lips ~

As with all things worth doing right, a bit of preparation is needed.

For the lips this means doing a gorgeous quick sugar lip scrub up to three times a week which is easily made with just a few kitchen cupboard ingredients and will recondition dry lips.

Lips need exfoliating and are often forgotten about or not regarded as an area that needs looking after. Not until we get dry lips or cracked lips and then chapped lips particularly in the cold weather, do we think of doing something about it.

Dead skin cells accumulate on the lips and need removing to maintain a healthy supply of new skin cells. If not removed, the lips will appear sluggish, uneven and dry making any lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm pointless in applying.

A simple recipe to make a lip scrub is to use brown sugar and a drop of water, mix together and apply to the lips with small circular movements. Rinse off well and pat the lips dry. Another tip which will add moisture is to rub some mango pulp into the lips and rinse off.

Another handy tip I often use is an old sterilized toothbrush. Run it under a warm water tap and gentle exfoliate the lips. Gently being the operative word or you will be left with raw, irritated or even bleeding lips.

As a rule use the quick toothbrush method before any lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss application for the perfect puckers. Handy to carry a travel size one in the handbag for the reapplications at work or out socializing.

You could also use the toothbrush dipped in a little amount of honey, jojoba oil, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil or olive oil which will soften as you exfoliate!

For more homemade skin care recipes using these great ingredients, check out olive oil moisturizer, jojoba oil anti-wrinkle solution, cocoa butter and jojoba skin products and honey in bath and spa treatments, all of which are using simple but effective ingredients.

8 glasses a day

keeping your body from dehydrating will benefit your lips.
keeping your body from dehydrating will benefit your lips. | Source

Drink Enough Water ~

If you tend to have dry skin, chances are your lips will be dehydrated too.

Drinking water we all know to be vital for our health and also for our skin.

If you struggle to drink enough (I do particularly in the winter months) try making cucumber spa water which is quick tasty and full of natural goodness.

Keep a jug full in the fridge and drink a glass with every meal plus a few in-between to keep your lips soft, supple, moist and lush!

Chapped lips are often a sign of dehydration so remember to increase your fluid intake.

Excellent Easy Lip Balm Recipes

Cheap Lipstick ~

Cheap branded lipsticks are often very drying on the lips and you are better to choose a good moisturizing lipstick.

If you find your lipstick or lipsticks are all quite drying, try adding a tiny bit of Vaseline to them on the back of your hand and apply with a lip brush. Quality makeup at affordable prices is out there if you shop around.

Luscious Lip Gloss ~

Every girl loves her lip gloss which enhances the lips and it certainly packs a punch for the moist lips look.

Ever since the makeup guru Max Factor brought lip gloss to the movies and then the masses of fans, lip gloss has been a favourite cosmetic product for millions of women.

Making your own lip gloss is something you may never have considered but they are easy, cheap and make great gift ideas. If lemon appeals to you try making a citrus flavoured lip gloss. For a fun activity using several old blush or nearly finished lipsticks, try a layered lip gloss and for some candy girl fun, candy flavour lip gloss won’t disappoint in the lush lips department.

Do you look after your lips?

See results

Dos & Don’ts ~

Don’t keep licking your lips; it will only cause your lips to become drier.

Don’t smile with chapped lips until you have put on some lip balm, chapstick or Vaseline. Keep one in your bag, briefcase or in the car so you are always prepared.

Do wear red lippy if you want to have hot, glamorous and sexy lips. Remember, red is a high maintenance color to wear and needs touching up and reapplying to keep it looking totally lush and liplicious!

Do use a lip moisturizer. Some natural options are jojoba oil, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, and olive oil. These are used in a tiny amount as a little goes a long way. Even a Q-tip dipped into the oil and applied to the lips will be sufficient and great to do morning and night.

Olive oil you may find works better for night as it is a heavier oil.

A couple of other ideas are to use a little of your eye cream or one of the best all round creams is the legendary Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream which is a wonderful beauty rescue product in many Make Up Artists kit, including my own.

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline works great as a lip balm and moisturizer all in one.

Author Info ~

Information on the author, her bio and full body of works available @Suzie HQ

Credit to homesteadbound ~

All dividers used in this hub are used with permission granted on hub, Creating Dividers to Use on Your Hubs

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    • Suzie HQ profile image

      Suzanne Ridgeway 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Hi teaches,

      Lovely to have you here, you always brighten my day(early morning here 6am). great to hear you have been looking after your lips, it really does make a difference, doesn't it? Thanks so much for reading and the olive oil is a great lip moisturizer and helps gently exfoliate the skin with the toothbrush. Appreciate your comments and look forward to hearing how you find it.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      I do take care of my lips. I learned the hard way that you have to do this nightly when I lived up in the cold northern states. I am going to try the olive oil suggestion some time soon.

    • Suzie HQ profile image

      Suzanne Ridgeway 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Hi vespa,

      Good to see you my friend! Glad this ticked some boxes for you! The toothbrush is great, try to use a soft brush if possible or a medium will do if that's what you normally use and are "recycling" for your lips. Whilst i love making recipes, there is always a special place in my heart for certain branded cosmetics, EA 8 hr cream is definitely one. Try some if possible as a sample before buying so you get to try it out on your skin first.

      Thanks so much as always for your votes and share!!

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 4 years ago from Peru, South America

      Although I do moisturize my lips, I could definitely improve in this area! I enjoyed reading another of your well-written Hubs. I never thought to use mango pulp on my lips, and will follow your suggestion of exfoliating with a toothbrush and moisturizing with oil. I'm also glad to know about Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream. Voted up and shared!

    • Suzie HQ profile image

      Suzanne Ridgeway 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Hi younghopes,

      Cheers for dropping by. Olive oil is marvelous for the skin and with the sugar keeps the lips nice and soft.

    • younghopes profile image

      Shadaan Alam 4 years ago from India

      i agree that sugar scrub for lips as well as olive oil works best for your lips, even scrubbing with lemon is effective

    • Suzie HQ profile image

      Suzanne Ridgeway 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Hi Gypsy Rose,

      Many many thanks for reading this. So glad to hear you enjoyed and found useful enough to share on!! Thanks greatly!!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Thank you for this informative and interesting hub on lip care. Lots of great suggestions and tips. Passing this on.

    • Suzie HQ profile image

      Suzanne Ridgeway 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Hi randomcreative,

      Thanks for popping in here, always good to have your support! Sugar scrubs are so good and if possible, use the brown variety it is softer. Appreciate your comments.

    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 4 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Great overview of this topic! Very detailed. I think that I need to try a sugar scrub in the winter.

    • Suzie HQ profile image

      Suzanne Ridgeway 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Hi Eddy,

      Glad you enjoyed reading this, it is amazing where the brain takes you on a seemingly quick article sometimes! Appreciate your visit and kind words as always!!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      Wow Suzie what an amazing hub ;I never realised you could write so mcuh on this subject and it was so so interesting as well as useful. Thanks you so mcuh for sharing this gem and enjoy your day.


    • Suzie HQ profile image

      Suzanne Ridgeway 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Hi Pops,

      Sage? Don't see sage mentioned but did a check just to be sure but hey . . .if it works for you sage is a wonderful herb! Don't see it in the video unless I am losing the plot or else it could be tiredness from having been up most of the night hubbing! Thanks for visit and commenting :-)

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 4 years ago

      I appreciate the sage advice, especially in this cold weather!

    • Suzie HQ profile image

      Suzanne Ridgeway 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Hi nell,

      Appreciate your visit, Nell. Good to hear your a fan of the water tip, it really does make a difference to our skin and lips. Intact lippy is a must for our girls, agreed!!

    • Suzie HQ profile image

      Suzanne Ridgeway 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Hi Bill,

      Appreciate you dropping in here, dry lips are a problem all over the globe so hopefully these tips or a few at least will help keep your lips lush and lovely! LOL Thanks so much for your continued support, it means so much to me.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

      I do think the water is really important. I have noticed that my face plumps out when I drink enough, and of course it helps the lips too, I will never go out without my lippy intact! lol!

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 4 years ago from Massachusetts

      Another great hub Suzie. Here in the middle of winter lips get very, very dried out. You are continuing to build an impressive library of DIY home remedies and tips. Great job. Voting up, sharing, etc....

    • Suzie HQ profile image

      Suzanne Ridgeway 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Hi MJ,

      Lover of lips eh?? LOL Glad to hear it and delighted you are prone to a bit of lip gloss to keep those Irish lips luscious!!! Sophia to me is one of the most stunning natural beauties of the world so I'm glad you approve. Many thanks for your kind words, support, votes, shares and pins - maybe a few more petrol heads will see your repin and a trend will follow!LOL

    • profile image

      mjkearn 4 years ago

      Hi Suzie Q

      I do love lush lips but on women. I just do an occasional dab of lippy gloss on me and the dog. Love your choice of stars, Sophia and Angelina definitely among my favourites.

      Another great hub and stunning format. Voted up, ticked, pinned and shared.