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Have The Fullest Lips Possible, without Spending A Fortune

Updated on April 2, 2015

The Perfect Proportioned Lips

Lips on Fire

You do not need to buy any creams for $50; or use any injections that may make you look like a freak. Just remember that these pricey products that you purchase from designer brands are just a blend of ingredients. If you you read the back of any cosmetic, you will find a list of names, such as water, oil, and some chemical fillers that you cannot pronounce. If you are willing to make your own enhancers with ingredients that are already available to you, or purchase a few key ingredients that will last years, then you will have better results for a lot less money. To look your absolute best, and most youthful, adding a little fullness to your lips is essential. Having injections is not just adding a little, but this invasive procedure can actually change the entire shape of your lips. When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon the results can be beautiful, but all too often, we seen the less than attractive duck mouth. To have lip injections is to roll the dice; one never knows when the results will be sub par. Here is the affordable, and trustworthy alternative.

To truly give yourself a lift don't neglect the rest of your face. The ultimate way to look eternally youthful, is to use a good anti wrinkle cream, avoiding the development of sunspots and to keep lips looking full.

Top Lip Plumpers With 5 Star reviews

  • Luscious Lips; Lip Gloss
  • Lip Fusion- Collagen injected lip gloss
  • DuWop Lip Venom
  • Maybelline Volume XL

Simple Formula

Use any clear lip gloss, even if all you have is vaseline. Just make sure that if you do use vaseline, its just a small dab, add approximately 3 drops of Cinnamon Leaf. This can be purchased in health food stores, or online.

This is it. That Cinnamon Leaf is the prime ingredient for those expensive lip glosses that burn your lips, and make them look full.

To have the ultimate soft and full lips, start with alive oil mixed with sugar. This is a soothing, moisturizing, exfoliating, lip scrub.

Put this mixture on your lips and scrup your lips in a circular motion. The massaging, combined with the sugar , gently brusing away dead skin cells on the lips, added with the oil penetrating deeply, to add a natural puffy and clean look to your lips.

Massagge as long as you can, the lnonger and more varied your movements are, the better, and fuller your results will be.

After you have finished, wipe away the mixture and apply the lip gloss. Your lips will be as bee stung and beautiful as Angelina Jolie's.

If you want the biggest lips possible; use a suction lip plumper. With a manual lip plumper you can get the same kind of results as you can with injections, but, you must faithfullly use it all the time to maintain the results. Lusciious Lips is considered the best one, women have reported amazing results with it.

"UPDATE" City Lips Works

I have been using city Lips twice per day for two months straight and my co workers think I got lip injections. Honestly, this stuff does not sting, but works slowly over time. I think I was seeing a difference within one month, but it is definitely, visibly working. People are asking me a lot of questions, and when my co workers started saying, "come on, You got injections," I realized that this is really a great product.

I almost did not give this one a chance because it does not sting. If you are used to using stinging lip products, it will seem strange because I think psychologically we believe that the stinging is a sign that its working. I guess I learned something.

Make Your Own Lip Plumper

One of the key ingredients in the most successful lip enhancers is honey. Honey is a humectant, which means it draws water in. This is why it is on a par with expensive face masks, night creams and plumpers. Just remember that the skin on the lips is different than the skin on the face, and whereas you can just gently rub the honey on your face and let it sit, it works best to rub the honey in small circular motions for five minutes and then tissue off the excess. Next time you have some Greek or any plain yogurt lying around, instead of throwing away the last bites, or the containers that have spoiled in the refrigerator, just use it as part of your face mask, lip plumber routine. Yogurt is also a great humectant.

Basically, the most reliable ingredients in face creams or wrinkle plumpers are the humectants. Infusing the face with water will give a fuller and more rounded look.

A Final Note

In order to look your absolute youthful best, it is important to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. If you are in a habit of eating processed foods, be sure to take vitamin supplements, and spend a little time learning about how to prepare foods to maintain as much vitamin content as possible. It does not make much sense to spend money on trying to improve your lips and their fullness, and then drink nothing but coffee, which will dehydrate and therefore make lips look thinner, it is important to work on the foundation as well as the final cosmetic result.

Eat well, take vitamins and invest in one of these proven products, and your lips will look great.

Lip Lift

In some cases the lips are better off being reshaped with plastic surgery. A bullhorn lip lift is a highly successful procedure that gives a youthful appearance to the lips and at the same time adds natural volume.


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