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How to Have Contest Winning Cosplay

Updated on October 1, 2017

Details, Details, Details!

Did I mention details? If the character your cosplaying as has red hair, and you have naturally black hair, your going to want to look into a wig. Nothing kills the illusion as much as someone asking what character you are and your having to explain that your, say Misty from Pokémon, you know....with black hair. If other people have to come up to you and ask you what character you are and your not cosplaying a character from a non popular Anime then i suggest you take a step back and really look at your costume. Are all the details there? Are the colors right, the buttons on that coat silver when they should be gold, gloves the wrong style, or maybe you could have better shoes, Samurai Warriors don't wear converse.


Be Honest With Yourself

Take a good hard look in the mirror, if your trying to make 100% the best cosplay that you possibly can, make sure you fit the role! If your hefty maybe you shouldn't try to wear that skin tight flight suit, you can if you want, but the best cosplayers make sure to look the part. On the other hand if your on the skinny side you probably shouldn't try to pull off cosplaying as the more heft characters or the really buff type unless your up for some very detailed costume work, but then again isn't that the point! I'm not saying you can't cosplay as your favorite character if you don't fit their body type, do whatever makes you happy. But we're focusing on creating the best of the best here, this article is about trying to create the most flawless cosplay you can, so you can shine in those cosplay contests and wow the crowds.

The Green Stuff

There's nothing wrong with making due with what you have when it comes to cosplay, but if you want that Parade wowing costume it may cost you a pretty penny. There are websites that will make your costume for you, for a fee. There are also places where you can commission custom pieces that would be hard to find out in the real world on your own. If your character has a specific type of necklace or an oddly shaped pair of glasses you may have to pay someone to make these items for you. Browsing various art sites will help you find people who can commission these types of items for your cosplay, it isn't as hard as you'd think.


Getting Your Hands Dirty

If you don't have the extra cash to throw into your cosplay, you can always take a "do it yourself" approach. There are many places where you can find articles of clothing you can modify, visit your local hobby shop for clay, wire, paint, and whatever else you need to make your cosplay perfect. You can find more info on places to acquire items for your cosplay here:

If your cosplaying with a group of friends it can be fun to get together and get some sewing done or help each other fine tune those minor details in your cosplay. Nothing is better then a fresh eye, if your stuck on what else your costume may need enlist your friend to give it a once over, i'm sure you can help each other figure out what parts of your cosplay may need more work.

Constructive Criticism

If you think you've got your cosplay down pat but your friends or other con-goers say otherwise don't get offended, take notes! Its not likely that anyone will say anything negative about your cosplay,as that would just be rude. But your friends and some bold strangers may offer you constructive criticism, which you can listen to or ignore as you see fit. If your happy with your cosplay the way it is then keep on trucking with your head held high. Otherwise, take this criticism to heart and put more effort into your costume for the next convention. Perfect cosplay or not your there to have fun and enjoy yourself, do so! Don't get go caught up in how you look that you miss out on all the fun!


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    • Patty Kenyon profile image

      Patty Kenyon 

      6 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

      Interesting Information and I loved the pictures!!!


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